University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan may be one of Canada's best kept academic secrets; it is one of the preeminent centres of learning and research in Canada and indeed in all of North America, and welcomes over 17,000 undergraduate students and 1,800 graduate students, including 1,000 international students from 80 different countries.

Historically, the University of Saskatchewan has been closely linked to innovation and research in agriculture, both in crop science and animal development.  Over time, these roots in agriculture have grown into excellence in biology, chemistry and veterinary medicine, and today, the U of S is a global leader in biological, genetic and ecological research, as well as the home of two Nobel Prize winners in chemistry.

The University has also played a central role in the development of Saskatchewan's industrial base and its role as a major global resource exporter.  The province is rich in oil, natural gas, potash, and is the world's number one source of uranium. The U of S has been a partner with government and industry over the course of a century, leading the way in technological research and development through the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Science, and the Edwards School of Business.  Graduates and researchers from the U of S have helped shape modern mineral exploration, refining, and power generation and are leaders in natural resource development working across the world.

In addition to the exceptional pedigree in science, agriculture and business, the University of Saskatchewan also has developed widely respected programs in economics, law, humanities, education, medicine and dentistry.  As the province has grown over the last hundred years and become a leader in the trade union rights, health care and torte reform, the University of Saskatchewan is at the forefront driving innovation in these areas.

The classically designed campus is on the banks above the South Saskatchewan River overlooking downtown Saskatoon.  The University of Saskatchewan is in a period of new building and renewal, including an innovative renovation of the College of Law, a new Health Science complex, Chemical Engineering, VIDO, the PotashCorp Centre and the Physical Activity Complex (hub of a vibrant culture of physical fitness found across campus).  Additionally, a new  village-style housing project will soon begin construction adjacent to campus.  The immaculately kept campus is renowned as one of the most beautiful in Canada, and is well served by the city's public transportation service.

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