Finding a Co-op Workterm

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What Now?
If you are accepted into the Co-op program, you will

  • Meet with Edwards Career Services to determine your goals and objectives and to determine a strategy to find a co-op work placement
  • Attend all manditory workshops on resume/cover letter and interview preparation
  • Communicate with Edwards Career Services throughout the process on a regular basis
  • In September, job vacancies will be posted on a secured online job posting system that only Co-op students can view. You will then decide to apply via this job posting system
  • If after applying, an employer is interested in meeting you, an interview will be arranged between both parties. Employers interested in making a formal offer will submit their offer through Edwards Career Services in late October. If everyone is in agreement, you will sign a co-op job placement agreement indicating your start and finish date, salary, location etc.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of a work placement. It is your responsibility to obtain suitable employment by utilizing all resources and support provided by the Edwards Career Services office. If you are unsuccessful in finding a work placement, you will continue on your normal undergraduate career path.

How to Apply for Co-op Jobs?

All students accepted into Co-op will be advised how to access the secured job posting system.

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Finding a Co-op Placement on Your Own
Once accepted into the Co-op program, you do not have to wait until September to view what co-op job posting(s) you want to apply to. Maybe you currently have a great summer job that you think might be a good fit for both you and the Co-op program, or maybe you want to pursue that perfect organization on your own!

Come talk to Edwards Career Services to determine what is the best method for you. If you have discussed the possibility of securing a co-op opportunity with an employer, it is at that point, that Edwards Career Services needs to be involved.

  1. Contact Edwards Career Services advising us that you are interested in securing a co-op opportunity with X company.
  2. Provide Edwards Career Services with their contact information, including name, title, email and direct telephone number. Also indicate what the nature of the position is and what you would be doing. One of us will contact the employer to discuss the position in question, listed in part 3 listed below.

As an academic program, certain criteria/expectations must be met to consider the position a "co-op opportunity". These include:

  • The work is relevant to the student's education
  • The work is meaningful for both the student and the employer
  • There is mentorship/supervision throughout the entire work term
  • The start date and end date coincide with the co-op timelines (January-August, or January-April and May-August)
  • The student works a min 37.5 hrs/wk, meets all CPP, Worker's Comp etc. criteria,  and be paid a market salary
  • The work will be monitored by Edwards Career Services and certain expectations must be met including discussing the student's performance with Edwards Career Services through site visits and written evaluations.

The employer will then be asked to submit a job description of the work that you would be doing, and once approved by Edwards Career Servicws, would be asked to fill out and submit an offer form to Edwards Career Services. You will then be offered the co-op opportunity through the program.

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