Employer Information

Interested in hiring a co-op student? If so, why not partner with Edwards Career Services and the Edwards Co-operative Education Program! Download our 2016/17 Posting and Ranking Timelines.

To post a co-op position go to Edwards CareerLink. Currently we are not accepting postings as there no students available. Postings will be accepted in August for Jan 2017 placements.

What's New?

Co-op Networking Open House

Each fall, employers have the opportunity to meet the new students from six different majors who will be activiley looking for a January placement. Refreshments will be served. Our next Open House will be Friday September 9th, 2016 at 3pm at Prairieland Park. To receive more information or if you would like to attend, please email us at coop@edwards.usask.ca.

Enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership with the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. Find out how to participate?

Investing in a Co-op student means...

  • Investing in your future. The Co-op program is a cost effective means of evaluating future employees before making long-term hiring commitments
  • Employing additional staff for project and short term assignments. Co-op students are available in January for 8 months or in May for 4 months (if available);
  • Access to enthusiastic students with high levels of energy providing fresh ideas and perspectives. They also bring advanced computer skills