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Looking to interview exceptional business students? Interested in talking to students about your organization? Want to share your experiences with them?

Edwards students and alumni can provide the leadership, team building, communication, and business skills that will make a real difference in your business.  They can offer creative and strategic thinking and analysis; articulate and effective communication of ideas; sensitivity to ethical issues in the workplace and in society; local and global perspectives; and leadership, initiative, and teamwork.  Our students and alumni have a proven track record in enhancing the success of the organizations they belong to.

Developing a Successful Recruitment Strategy

We would be pleased to assist you in developing an effective and successful campus recruitment strategy specific to your hiring needs, or in developing job postings that speak to the opportunity you are looking to fill.  If you have not worked with us before, or are contemplating recruiting undergraduate and/or graduate business students from the Edwards School of Business, allow us to show you what we can do for you and what we have to offer.

Edwards Career Services can help you connect with our business students. Develop your visibility in the Edwards School of Business by participating in career-related events and programs! If you are interested in arranging something specifically in the school we encourage you to Contact Us.

Interviewing On Campus

Currently, undergraduate interview arrangements are organized through the Student Employment & Career Centre a short distance away from the business school. If you are only interviewing for Co-op positions, there may be space within the Edwards School of Business. Please Contact Us.

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Edwards Networking Event (Free of charge)

Submit a registration for the 2016 Edwards Networking Event (January 27th & 28th 2016)

The annual Edwards Networking Event hosted by Edwards Career Services and housed in the Reading Room of the Edwards School of Business is always well attended by both the students and the business community. This is your opportunity to speak directly with undergraduate and graduate business students throughout the school day. Exhibitors will be allowed to attend one specific day. 

Also check out other Career Fairs.

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Interview Skills Workshop

Edwards Career Services hosts an interview skills workshops in late September. This is your opportunity to share your professional insight into preparing for and succeeding in an employment interview.

If you are interested in participating, please Contact Us.

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Employer Panel Discussions

Want to share your experience in a particular field or industry? Edwards Career Services works closely with the Student Clubs to arrange employer discussions.

If you are interested in participating, please Contact Us.

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Resumania (Volunteer your time to critique resumes)

Would you be interested in volunteering a couple of hours to critique business student resumes? Each January Edwards Career Services hosts Resumania where students can sign up to have a business professional provide feedback on their resumes. Next Resumania is January 20, 21, and 22, 2016. If you are interested in participating, please Contact Us.

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Host a Corporate Information Session

Hosting an information session is a great way to reach a targeted group of students to discuss your organization and the career opportunities available. To book an information session, go to CareerLink. currently, corporate sessions are coordinated through the Student Employment & Career Centre (SECC).

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Sponsor Student Run Events

Get involved by supporting our Edwards Business Student Society (EBSS)! Our Student organizations sponsor a number of events throughout the school year and are always looking for corporate support. Our students continue to win awards at various national and international business competitions. They successfully organize many student run events including:

  • Edwards Formal (September), JDC West (January) & Grad (March)
  • Advertising in the EBSS Day Planner and much much more

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Hallway Visit - Set Up a Display (Free of charge)

Occasionally employers request access to set up their promotional materials/display in the Edwards School of Business. Availability is limited - to ensure we are able to accomodate all requests, employers are able to book a maximum of two hallway visits per term. Contact Edwards Career Services to make arrangements. The most appropriate days to consider are Monday through Thursday. Business classes do not run on Fridays.

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Consulting Projects for Classroom Instruction

Interested in class projects? Need some student assistance? Check out available courses that look for projects from the business community. Go to the Student Consulting projects list.

Get Involved

Should you wish to discuss other opportunities, please contact Edwards Career Services to discuss your potential interest.

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