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What do I need to do to get involved?
Employers interested in hiring an MBA Intern are encouraged to contact Career Services. The ideal time to recruit an MBA Intern is September (until December) and possibly May of each year if students are still available.  Although our program is relatively new, 5-10 students annually will be looking for a January start placement. All student applicants must go through an admission interview and work through very intense PD workshops to provide a top quality candidate for your organization.

Post a (January 4 month or 8 month) Internship Opportunity Now! 

If you are interested in creating an internship opportunity:

  • Develop a description of the type of work or project an MBA Intern could complete
  • Determine the type of business student you are looking for and for what length (one or both work terms)
  • Discuss with your staff supervision and possible mentoring roles that will be required for the MBA Intern
  • Create career-related work assignments that provide valuable learning experiences
  • Develop job descriptions that outline qualifications and tasks
  • Provide relevant paid employment for a minimum of 14 weeks for 35 hours or more per week.

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Finding the Right Student
Approximately 5-10 students annually will be admitted to the program. Once admitted, each MBA Intern will go through a series of professional development workshops to prepare them for the recruiting process. Employers comment regularly on how well-prepared our students are in the recruiting process.

Companies interested in pursuing any of these students will be invited to meet the students in person at our Intern/Co-op Networking Open House held the first Friday in September as well as encouraged to advertise an internship opportunity in September. Only the admitted MBA Interns will be able to view your advertised positions, and will apply to your organization. You as the employer, will decide to interview or not to interview based upon the applications received, and if you do decide you would like to make an offer to one or more of the selected candidates, offers will be presented to the student through Career Services.

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Salary, Benefits and Other Financial Considerations
The MBA Intern will become an employee of your company. With that you are expected to pay a salary and possible benefits including health and medical coverage (depending on term employee status).

Although you will ultimately determine the salary paid to the MBA Intern and are responsible for the administration of salary payments and deductions, we recommend a salary in the range of $18-20/hr plus benefits.  Establishing a budget for salaried positions based on prevailing average wages as identified by labour market conditions will keep your organization competitive in today's marketplace. In most cases, this will be at or above the average market wage.

January 2012 Intern Student Salaries:
Low: $ 16/hr
High: $22/hr
Mean: $19/hr

The Intern will receive vacation pay as part of his/her salary and will be eligible for statutory holidays, unless you and the MBA Intern have negotiated that prior to the start of their work terms and/or you already have a vacation policy for term employees in place .

If in your initial discussions on the work environment and hours of work, there is an opportunity for taking holidays, earned time off and/or overtime, these should be discussed during the first few days of their work term. If holidays are to be used, they must be taken during each four-month work term.

All employers operating in industries covered under Saskatchewan's legislation that employ workers on a regular, casual or contractual basis, must register and establish an account with the Workers' Compensation Act. Exempted industries and occupations are listed in the Exclusion Regulations. Other jurisdictions have similar legislation.  If the employer is covered by the Worker's Compensation Act, student employees may be entitled to compensation benefits in the event of disability.

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Income Taxes and Other Statutory Deductions
At the beginning of the work term the employer will require the student to complete a TD1 form for income tax purposes.  Employers are required to deduct income tax, Canada Pension and Employment Insurance premiums from employees.

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Vacation, Illness and Other Absences
Any request for time off should be discussed with the employer prior to commencement of the work term and arrangements to make up the time missed agreed to.  Since work term placements are short term, employers are not expected to provide actual vacation time.

As an MBA Intern, any absences due to illness, compassionate leave, jury duty, etc. may mean a loss in pay.  Since Interns are considered to be temporary employees, they do not generally receive benefits and/or privileges normally available to continuing employees.

If the nature of the absence is such that it will interfere with the work term, the Intern should notify Career Services and Employer immediately.

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What if I Have Never Hired an MBA Intern Before?
If you are new to the Intern hiring, please check out Creating an Intern Position.

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Employ and succeed
Once you have hired your MBA Intern, ensure that you:

  • Discuss goals and objectives, timelines, and performance expectations with the MBA Intern
  • Provide an avenue for growth and development. Keep the lines of communication open
  • Talk to your staff who will be working with the MBA Interns(s) so they understand and support the program
  • Welcome a site visit from Career Services to assess the performance of the MBA Intern and discuss their performance with the supervisor
  • Communicate with Edwards Career Services on the Intern's performance

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Legal Status of Students During the Work Term
During a work term, the MBA Intern is an employee of the placement employer and not an employee or agent of the University.  In all matters relating to work activities, the student will be under the supervision and direction of the employer and not under the supervision and direction of the University.  During the period a student is on an MBA Internship work term, the MBA Intern also maintains a full-time student status at the University of Saskatchewan.

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