What MBA Interns Can Do

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What can our MBA Interns do for you?
Depending upon the work term, MBA Interns will have an undergradate degree with some previous work experience. All will be skilled in PowerPoint, Excel, and/or other computer skills. They are keen to learn and are willing to take on assisting/leading roles in:


  • Preparing financial statements
  • Auditing financial statements and other relevant information
  • Preparing personal and corporate tax forms
  • Assisting with financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Conducting risk assessment and financial analysis
  • Assisting in special projects such as valuations or receiverships
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MBA Interns bring a broader exposure and interest in all of the disciplines offered in the Business School. Many MBA Interns currently work in a variety of positions including Financial Planning, Auditing, Land Assessment, Corporate Relations, Marketing to name just a few.

  • Planning and organizing corporate and private events
  • Assisting in running a business
  • Assisting with brand management and merchandising
  • Managing accounts and sourcing new business development

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Human Resources

  • Applying HR policies and procedures
  • Administration of salary and benefits
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Developing training programs
  • Surveying employees
  • Designing employee handbooks
  • Reviewing and updating position descriptions
  • Other project work as assigned.

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  • Analyzing marketing situation and researching new opportunities
  • Auditing current marketing strategies and target markets
  • Conducting primary and secondary marketing research on a variety of topics
  • Assisting with brand management and merchandising
  • Assisting with integrated communications, including advertising, promotion, and public relations
  • Assessing web sites, brochures, and other materials
  • Coordinating special events
  • Assisting in managing client accounts
  • Supporting sales force through the development of presentations and other techniques

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Operations Management

  • Create solutions using computer-modeling techniques
  • Forecast demand for products and services
  • Manage inventory levels
  • Schedule workforce and production
  • Research optimal plant and warehouse location
  • Design and manage distribution and transportation networks

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