President of AIESEC Saskatoon Begins International Career

Release Date : June 06, 2014

Story by: Jessica Wallace and Czarina Catambing

Edwards student Dominic Tremblay has a passion for international business. His interest in international education and ambition for a career in international business led him to get involved with the Saskatoon chapter of AIESEC, an international not-for-profit organization that provides students with leadership development and internship opportunities.

Tremblay (center) meets young leaders around the world through his role in AIESEC

Dominic Tremblay says one of the highlights of his term as President of AIESEC in Saskatoon was the relationship he built with the Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies.

“I worked with Director Nick Kokkastamapoulos to develop a mutual partnership which would develop AIESEC's membership regionally in addition to provide opportunities for Edwards students to gain an international perspective and experience,” he says. “Being able to build on our brand and presence and the impact we can have on the community and the students at the U of S was quite remarkable.”

Tremblay is majoring in management but focused his courses on marketing and international business. His combination of education and experience with AIESEC led him to a National Vice President of Corporate Relations position for AIESEC Canada.

As part of the role, Tremblay organized and ran a conference in Mexico for the top sales members in Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. He also attended the International Congress in Moscow, Russia. Tremblay kept a blog of his year for the Edwards School of Business.

Making an impact by developing leaders has been his main goal. Through his role in AIESEC, Tremblay has been able to develop a Sales Development Program that provides a framework for AIESEC members to enhance their sales skills. 

It incorporates Bloom’s taxonomy into its three-level program to develop salespeople. The program brought accelerated success in Canada, particularly in the increase in sales activity.


Tremblay's most prized possession is a Roughriders ticket featuring his trip to Russia

Currently, Tremblay has taken a one-year position as Global Business Development Manager for AIESEC International. The role involves managing AIESEC International’s global partners and overseeing sales in the 120 countries where AIESEC is present. “I’m focused on delivery and management of the partnerships and am part of a team of 22 people from over 15 countries who build on the direction and strategies to achieve our long term vision for our organization,” he says. As part of his position, Tremblay has traveled to 18 countries, including the Netherlands, Egypt and China.

As a Global Business Development Manager, Tremblay worked with multinational companies such as Deutsche Post DHL and Husqvarna Group. Given that he facilitates youth exchanges across different countries, he has developed experience in consulting large multinational on how to effectively recruit young people around the world. As for his future plan, he is looking forward to working for a multinational company and taking online courses to finish his degree in management.

He says getting international experience is important for all university students. “I personally believe that it is critical for students in our generation to gain an international experience as part of their education,” he says. “We are global citizens and the world is more and more connected due to technology which makes it that much more important that we gain an understanding of the world. Especially when it comes to Edwards students, we as the future leaders need to have an understanding of how to work, engage, and participate on a global market and stage.”