Meahgan Sweet - An Action-Packed International Calendar

Release Date : September 02, 2013

Story by: Jessica Wallace

Photos Courtesy of: Meahgan Sweet

Meahgan Sweet

Most business students have pretty busy calendars. But thanks to her involvement with the Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies, Marketing major Meahgan Sweet spent her last year at Edwards connecting with the international business community and preparing for the next step on her way to a career in international business.

October 2012

STEP Trade Conference, Saskatoon, SK

Sweet represented the Hanlon Centre at the Trade Conference. “The majority of buyers were from China,” says Sweet. “They showcased Saskatchewan's importance in international trade. For the first time since aspiring to study and practice in international business, I knew it was possible to do so in Saskatchewan.”

Arctic Sovereignty Mission, Pangnirtung, Nunavut

With 17 other Canadian students, Sweet participated in the Global Vision facilitated mission to Nunavut. “The trip connected the North with the South,” she explains. “I learned just how differently other Canadians live. The homes, food and jobs in the North are completely different from Southern Canada.”

SWITCH, Saskatoon, SK

Sweet began teaching internationally-themed cooking classes with the organization SWITCH: Saskatoon Community Initiative Toward Community Health. “For My Kids Can Cook program, I chose different countries to profile and we made ethnic food and learned about that region,” says Sweet. “I often brought in music and pictures and I crafted passports for each student.”

November 2012

Global Vision Leaders Centre, Halifax, NS

To recruit new students to Global Vision, the program’s alumni are responsible for bringing in new students from their province. Sweet attended the regional summit in Halifax to encourage other students from Saskatchewan to join the program.

January 2013

Saskatchewan Youth Symposium, Saskatoon, SK

“The Saskatchewan Youth Symposium was my way of giving back to the province, which has been the ideal place to grow up,” Sweet says. As Programs Officer, she was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the event, from fundraising to logistics. “The Hanlon Centre was my primary sponsor and the event was endorsed by the Premier and attended by several ministers. It was neat to see all the support for university initiatives.”

February 2013

Agriculture Awareness Summit, Regina, SK

Sweet was the only student to attend the summit, which was hosted by government and industry leaders. “It was amazing to see so many passionate people talking about ag,” she says. “I think the most important thing I learned was that media are often swayed by the loudest voice. There's a power struggle between producers and activist groups.”

April 2013

Honours Thesis, Saskatoon, SK

Sweet received the top mark in the Edwards School of Business’s Honours Program for her thesis, The Internationalization of Saskatchewan SMEs: Firm Strategy in the Ag Industry. She presented her work to both STEP offices, and Professor David Zhang will present on her behalf at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) conference.

Trade Research for Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), Saskatoon, SK

Sweet’s trade work with STEP spanned just over a month and resulted in a final report of recommendations. “I researched Indonesia,” she says. “I had traveled there on a trade mission so it was extra interesting because I have a personal connection to the country.”

Moving On…

Queens Master’s of International Business, Ottawa, ON

“A Master’s degree will give me the edge that I want to start working in consulting. This program will be project based, much like the work done in a consulting firm,” Sweet says. And she plans to spend a term studying abroad – likely somewhere in Europe – to continue her international experiences. “It was ultimately the Hanlon Centre that opened my eyes to international business,” she says. “And now it’s going to be my career.”

The Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies serves the Edwards School of Business to help build and provide global business awareness and related skills training opportunities for its commerce students.  For more information, contact Nicholas Kokkastamapoulos (Hanlon Director) or Jessica Wallace / Brandon Ziola (Hanlon Media & Communications) by email at hanloncentre@edwards.usask.ca or telephone at (306) 966-1837.