Release Date : September 21, 2012

Story by: Jessica Wallace

Photos by: Luke Sather

Bruce Pon grew up in Turtleford, Saskatchewan, and graduated from the U of S with an Engineering degree. After stints working in Canada and the United States, he struck out to start a business career internationally. In the last 15 years, he has set up one company after another around the globe. As a partner at Avantalion (Germany) and director at The AssetWorks (UK), Bruce travels well over 100 times a year to build businesses and spread innovation.

The Hanlon Centre was excited to bring Bruce to the UofS to discuss how he has started 12 international businesses, and the importance of niche banks which are proving more and more important in comparison to traditional banks. Innovative and original sources of financing are appearing in the international business, and Bruce emphasized the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities. These new sources of financing are how you can start your international business, and it serves as evidence of the changing realities in international business. Mr. Pon also reminded students that sometimes you need to recognize when best to cut your losses if you expect to succeed in the long run.

Bruce was brought to the UofS as part of the Hanlon Centre's speaker series on International Business. He is one of many international experts that the Hanlon Centre will be bringing to talk to Edwards and cross faculty students. Keep an eye on the Hanlon Centre website to see what other international experts will be arriving shortly.

The Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies serves the Edwards School of Business to help build and provide global business awareness and related skills training opportunities for its commerce students.  For more information, contact Nicholas Kokkastamapoulos (Hanlon Director) or Jessica Wallace / Brandon Ziola (Hanlon Media & Communications) by email at hanloncentre@edwards.usask.ca or telephone at (306) 966-1837.