The Operational Excellence Certificate

The Operational Excellence Certificate (OEC) Program gives seminar attendees the knowledge to use a variety of process improvement tools, methods, and techniques. There is a particular emphasis on process mapping, lean tools, methods, and techniques, and rigorous problems solving involving all types of problems. Improvement activities run the gamut from easily implementable ideas through a “clean sheet” process redesign. In addition all of the classes use the “learn by doing” approach where attendees immediately use the tools, methods, and techniques on their own organizations. It is very common that the classes pay for themselves through improvements and cost savings.

The Operational Excellence Certificate is a learning path made up of four separate courses and when all four courses are completed in a 3-year timeframe we will award the Operational Excellence Certificate to the participant.

Required Courses:


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of the four required courses are required. No other materials are required.

What are the benefits of becoming Operational Excellence Certified (OEC)?

Certification is an investment in one's career and professional advancement. Being certified demonstrates a designated level of knowledge in process management and improvement.

Do certified employees earn more?

Although not a guarantee, studies have shown many certified individuals see a salary increase following certifications.

What does certified mean?

Operational Excellence Certificate identifies an individual has a certain level of knowledge. It does not designate an individual as being more qualified, experienced or more suitable than others for any process management role or task. It does not:

  • Substitute for actual process management experience
  • Teach nor test all that is needed to become a qualified process manager
  • Provide for actual on-the-job performance testing

“I attended Dan's Process Mapping course on my first day of my new position. It started me on my journey of appreciating efficient processes and respecting individuals in my organization. Each course in the Operational Excellence Certificate expanded my range of process improvement tools.” - Catherine Secundiak, Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

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