Supply Management Training Program


Sharpen your skills. Increase your productivity.


In response to a prevailing market demand for skilled supply chain management practitioners, Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) has developed the Supply Management Training Program. This program consists of a series of technical courses, workshops and seminars. You can take a single course, workshop or seminar or complete all program requirements to be eligible to receive a Diploma in Supply Management.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn fundamentals of procurement, transportation, logistics and operations
  • Master tactical skills you need on a day-to-day basis
  • Gain recognition for your commitment to your skills development
  • Demonstrate your ability to assume more responsibility within your organization
  • Maximize your productivity and efficiency

Technical Courses Offered:

Diploma in Supply Management:

Complete all 10 courses in the Supply Management Training program to receive a Diploma in Supply Management. You can apply directly to SCMA for this Diploma.

Admission and Prerequisite Information:

  • There is no formal application process either through SCMA or the U of S to take any Supply Chain Management Courses.
  • There are no employment or education prerequisities for this program. You can take courses in any order.