Marjorie Delbaere

Associate Professor

Room 173
PotashCorp Centre
25 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A7
Phone: 306-966-5916
Fax: 306-966-2516


Ph.D. (University of Manitoba)
B.Comm (Honours( (University of Manitoba)


Marjorie Delbaere is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. Marjorie's program of research explores the interplay between the persuasive use of language and images (specifically rhetorical figures such as metaphors and analogies) and consumer knowledge transfer in the marketing of controversial products, such as prescription drugs.  The primary area that she is currently researching is the marketing of pharmaceutical products direct-to-consumers (DTC), for which she was awarded a standard research grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Marjorie's research has been published in refereed journals including Journal of AdvertisingSocial Science & MedicineHealth Marketing Quarterly, and Journal of Strategic Marketing.


Over the past five years I have taught primarily 300-level required courses for the Marketing major. I also work with an Honours student each year on a thesis topic of her/his choice. I love both teaching and learning and each term I look forward to everything I will learn from students taking my courses.

COMM 352 Marketing Strategy

This course is a required course for the Marketing major. It is also a very helpful course for students pursuing the Management major. Working with an actual client, students will develop their skills in the following areas: research, analysis, synthesis, decision making, application, and oral and written communication.  Most importantly, students will refine their ability to prepare an effective, comprehensive marketing plan.

Course overview:   In this course, you will explore in depth the theory and practice of marketing in a strategic manner.  In Comm 204, you learned about marketing theory and practice – you covered many topics, each in a general fashion.  In Comm 352, you will explore these topics and others in much more detail.  Your focus will be on sensing the relationship between marketing and external forces, applying theory, learning from practical examples, and integrating information.

COMM 354 Consumer Behaviour

This course is designed for third-year undergraduate students and is a requirement for the Marketing major. It is also a popular elective course for students majoring in other areas of business as well as students in colleges other than the Edwards School of Business. I make use of clicker technology in this course to conduct class polls, perform quick concept checks (but not actual quizzes), and to demonstrate basic consumer behaviour experiments. The term project gives you the opportunity to explore a specific area of consumer research of your choice in great depth.

Course overview: Understanding consumer behaviour is incredibly important for marketers if they want to be able to anticipate reactions to changes in the marketing mix and the adoption of new products. This course is designed to enhance your understanding of why consumers behave the way they do; the internal characteristics and goals that drive behaviour as well as the external social and cultural forces that influence our consumption decisions. Many theoretical advances have been made in the field of consumer research that have helped us to better understand the behaviour of consumers. This course will provide a solid foundation for your future marketing studies and activities as well as provide a better understanding of our own roles as consumers.



Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Standard Research Grant, "The Influence of Analogies on Consumer Learning from Direct to Consumer Drug Advertising," Principal Investigator, 2009 - 2014 ($56,570)


Delbaere, Marjorie and Erin Willis (forthcoming), “Direct-to-consumer advertising and the role of hope,” Journal of Medical Marketing, forthcoming.

Wei, Mei-Ling, and Marjorie Delbaere (2015), “Do consumers perceive their doctors as influenced by pharmaceutical marketing communications? A persuasion knowledge perspective,” International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 9(4), 330-348.

Delbaere, Marjorie and Malcolm C. Smith (2014), “Literally Experts: Expertise and the Processing of Analogical Metaphors in Pharmaceutical Advertising,” Health Marketing Quarterly, 31(2), 115-135.

Delbaere, Marjorie (2013), “Metaphors and Myths in Pharmaceutical Advertising,” Social Science & Medicine, 21(April), 21-29.

Delbaere, Marjorie, Edward F. McQuarrie and Barbara J. Phillips (2011), “Personification in Advertising: Using a Visual Metaphor to Trigger Anthropomorphism,” Journal of Advertising, 40(1), 121-130.


  • Persuasion, metaphors, rhetorical figures
  • Pharmaceutical marketing, controversial products
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Knowledge management and market orientation