Release Date : November 01, 2013

The M.Sc. in Finance celebrated the start of its 10th year with a reception and dinner at the University Club. Alumni, current students, faculty and members of our support team enjoyed connecting and re-connecting.

Brenda Orischuk, a dedicated Edwards staff member who helped with the formalization of the program in 2003 and its steerage until 2012, was honored as the ‘First and Forever Friend’ of the M.Sc. in Finance program with a poster of pictures and quotes from the students.

The Master of Science in Finance started as a special case program in 1992 and was formalized in 2003.  When introduced, it was one of only three such programs in Canada. There are currently approximately 25 Canadian universities offering Master of Finance programs, but only a handful are direct comparators that also require a thesis.

Since formalization, 34 students have graduated to directly relevant employment in the finance sector or to PhD programs. We have alumni in strong career paths (at RBC and TD Capital Markets, Greystone, AIMCO) or accepted into prestigious PhD programs (Cornell/Vanderbilt/Texas A&M/Nebraska-Lincoln).

Similar to other major provincial universities in the U151, our domestic students come mostly from our home province and the adjacent ones. However, in our program the majority of students are international. Students have enrolled in our program from every continent except Australia. 

Our program prepares successful graduates, in part, due to distinct features: thesis based (no course or project option), small size (intake of five per year), strong student and faculty interaction through our research seminars and thesis supervision, formal oral thesis defense with an examining committee that consists of three internal and one external examiner. The external examiner is generally external to the university. We also try to be open to new research streams and students with excellent potential but not necessarily an academic finance background.


  1. U15 = Fifteen of Canada’s top research intensive universities 

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