Management is the organization of business activities in order to achieve desired outcomes. Responsibilities range from planning, organizing, providing direction, as well as monitoring and evaluating. Edwards offers management programs that will expose you to all of these managerial functions.

Management Programs



Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 2 Saskatoon
Developing a Coaching Mindset 2 Saskatoon
Edwards Seminar Series (Various) 1 Saskatoon
Labour-Management Relations Certificate 5 Saskatoon
Type & Stress Management - Getting Back to Balance 1 Saskatoon
What the Non-Financial Manager Needs to Know about Financial and Managerial Accounting 3 Saskatoon/Regina
Other Recommended Courses: Day(s) Location
Change Leadership 2 Saskatoon
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Team Leadership 1 Saskatoon
Leadership Essentials for Supervisors 1 Saskatoon
Managing Difficult Conversations 1 Saskatoon
Masters Certificate in Project Management 18 Saskatoon/Regina
Operational Excellence Certificate 8 Saskatoon/Regina
The Project Management Course 3 Saskatoon/Regina