Graduate Programs

The Edwards School of Business currently offers four graduate programs to their students.

Master of Business Administration Program

The mission of the Edwards MBA program is to educate professionals within a variety of industries and facets of society to become the most successful business leaders within their area. The Edwards MBA program draws from the University of Saskatchewan's and the Province of Saskatchewan's unique strengths as world leaders to deliver integrated, intensive, and applied MBA curriculum. Faculty and colleagues within the Edwards MBA program become valuable business contacts and life-long friends.

Master of Science in Marketing Program

The MSc in Marketing program was developed by the Edwards School of Business in response to the need for a PhD preparation program. This two year, full-time, research based program focuses on marketing theory, consumer behaviour, and research design.

Throughout the program, students will be paired with one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic marketing faculty members who will provide caring mentorship to his/her graduate student through a broad range of marketing topics.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be well prepared for entry into a PhD program and a career in academia, or for a career in marketing.

Master of Science in Finance Program

The Master of Science in Finance Program (M.Sc.) offered by the Department of Finance and Management Science, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan provides students with a theoretical background in contemporary finance issues and a strong foundation in empirical methods. The program can be used as a platform for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. and it equips students with a competitive advantage in jobs that have a significant research component.

Master of Professional Accounting Program

The Master of Professional Accounting Program (MPAcc) is an innovative graduate degree program that attracts top-notch accounting students from across Canada and internationally.  Created by visionary academics in response to the demand for applied, competency-based training, the program actively involves students through the use of business cases, skills workshops, and other contemporary educational techniques.  MPAcc provides an alternative route for students who are seeking the CA designation in Western Canada, and gives students an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the academic research process and academe as a career choice.