International Study Tour

 Brazil 2011

The annual International Study Tour is an opportunity for students to experience business within an international context and immerse themselves in the business environment of a different country. A mandatory component of the Edwards MBA, the tour allows students to explore a country's business practices, challenges and culture, through a combination of company visits, discussions with trade officials and business leaders, meetings with executives and government officials working within the country. The International Study Tour is designed to enhance the classroom curriculum by providing first-hand exposure to industries, organizations and business practices in the host country.  Students learn how the global economy functions and how executives build stronger companies through engaging the global marketplace.  It offers a unique experiential learning opportunity using a project-based learning approach. Students prepare for their experience by doing advance research on one selected geographic location and target companies and industries within this location.  The 2010-2011 Class is pictured above at Bandeiras Monument in Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

My Edwards MBA International Study Tour Story