This page provides information on the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and how it affects the MPAcc program.  Updates are posted when information is available.

1. MPAcc as a Training Program for CPA
    In addition to being a Master's level degree program, MPAcc will transition from being a training program for CA to one for CPA.  While no major changes to the MPAcc curriculum are expected because the current curriculum covers all skill areas as outlined in the CPA competency map, minor adjustments to breadth and depth of the coverage of these skill areas are expected.

2. Prerequisite Requirement
    Currently, MPAcc follows CASB's prerequisite requirements.  For detailed information, please visit CASB's website by clicking here.  At a later date, MPAcc will adopt the new academic prerequisite requirements as determined by CPA Canada, its provincial organizations, and the post-secondary institutions where students are completing their undergraduate programs.  This is work in progress and updates will be provided when they become available.  Although CPA Prep is not required for students intending to enroll in MPAcc at this time, we strongly recommend you assess your education background and complete modules in CPA Prep as necessary to ensure that you have adequate prerequisite courses.

3. Exemption on CPA Professional Education Program (PEP)
    Similarly to the exemption students receive in the CA education program, students will receive exemption for the first five modules in CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) upon completing their MPAcc program.  Students will be required to complete last module in PEP, which is the Capstone Evaluation Preparation, before writing the final evaluation.

4. UFE and CPA final evaluation
    MPAcc students who start their program in 2013 and complete in 2014 will be the last cohort to write the UFE.  MPAcc students who start in 2014 will be the first cohort to write the first CPA common final evaluation (CFE).

Last updated: November 21, 2013