Graduates from the program have obtained excellent jobs, or gone on to higher studies, upon completion of the program. The following are comments about the program from recent graduates:

 "I was very fortunate to be part of the M.Sc Finance program at the University of Saskatchewan. The skills and learning that I received in the M.Sc program provided me with an exceptional foundation of knowledge that has allowed me to find success in my new role.  The program is no doubt challenging and demanding, but the professors and faculty are tremendously helpful and will push you to achieve. The strong focus on theory and research provides a great framework for finance in any capacity. A large part of my current role is research related and I'm implementing the skills I learned in this program on a daily basis. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an outstanding group of people that made me feel comfortable and fostered an environment of collaboration and learning.  As with anything in life, this program will be what you make it, but I can tell you from my personal experience that the opportunity is there for it to be a truly rewarding and knowledge-enhancing experience."

Myles Shedden (Analyst, RBC Capital Markets)

 "The knowledge and skills I obtained from our MSc in Fin. program helped me a lot to survive in the current program in all respects—especially the experience of FIN990 helped me to be able to write excellent paper summaries/critiques and be able to actively participate in the course discussion."

Lei Zhao, (M.Sc. 2013), currently a PhD student
University of Nebraska Lincoln

 "The first year of course work introduced me to the theoretical and empirical framework established by the finance academia.  In the second year of the program, the extensive research that is required for the thesis portion allowed me to apply and expand upon the knowledge I gained in the first year.  It is through the process of preparing your thesis that I found to be the most rewarding and beneficial to personal development.  The program provided me with the analytical tools and knowledge base that is crucial in all areas of applied finance.  I would recommend the M.Sc. program to students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or to those students who are looking to further their undergraduate education and obtain a more advanced skill set than an undergraduate or MBA degree can offer."

Luke Schmidt (M.Sc. 2007), Analyst
Real Estate & Mortgage Investments
Greystone Managed Investments Inc.

 "As an investment banker I'm involved in advising on mergers, acquisitions and corporate financings.  Having the M.Sc. Finance degree on my resume was essential in setting me apart from other applicants when seeking an investment banking position.  The industry is extremely competitive and typically receives hundreds of applicants for only a few positions nationwide.  The finance and research intensive nature of the program was a defining highlight of my resume and quickly differentiated me from undergraduate and MBA applicants.  Once in the industry, the M.Sc. program prepared me well for the practical aspects of corporate valuations and capital markets perspectives."

Scott Barron (M.Sc. 2002), Investment Banking
Global Energy & Power Group
TD Securities