Global Business Stream (GBS) and Advanced Global Business Stream (AGBS)

Today is the right time to develop a global mindset and to show employers that you are able to think and act globally.   According to STATS Canada, total Canadian exports are nearly a half a trillion dollars annually, with Saskatchewan at over $32 billion in exports.  Meanwhile, our companies are expanding their footprints around the world while global companies from numerous nations are establishing footprints here. In addition, our companies are making critical decisions as to build versus buy, growing and leveraging global relationships and using global supply chains to gain advantage. 

Completing the GBS or AGBS provides Edwards students the skills to be able to offer superior value to companies and to have greater readiness to launch a business.  These streams can be completed by taking three ESB courses (one required (COMM340) and the other two selected from a palette of four options).  In addition, attending Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) “Going Global Workshops”, taught by globally trained experts, completes the requirements for the GBS.

The AGBS is an additional step up in your global preparedness.  To complete this stream, students complete the requirements for the GBS and then choose from a palette of four options to earn the AGBS.  The options range from attending additional FITT Workshops, to taking additional approved courses, to taking an approved international study tour, to custom options.  See the streams requirements for more details.