"As a mentor, I have found the Womentorship program rewarding on many fronts.  I have been paired with a wonderful protégé - a smart, caring, capable young woman facing the same issues and challenges that I faced early in my career.  I have met other amazing women - mentors and protégés alike - through the Womentorship events.  And I have learned a great deal from those events, from my protégé, and from the other women in this program.  It has made me a better mentor in my other mentoring relationships.  The Womentorship program is truly a worthwhile endeavour."

Nancy E. Hopkins, Q.C., (Hon) C.A.
McDougall Gauley LLP


The Womentorship Program has provided a unique opportunity for me to connect with some amazing professionals that have truly enriched my life.  I learned many things about the value of mentorship and I’ve enjoyed getting to know my protégé over the last year.  Based on this experience, I know I will be a life time mentor –through formal programs like this, but also informally.”

JoeAnne Hardy
WBM Office Systems


Regarding my year as a mentor, I found it most enjoyable meeting other Mentors and young bright women in our city.  I do appreciate that this is the first of hopefully many years of the Womentorship program and changes will be ongoing.  It has been an honor to be a Mentor and I hope to continue trying to be of some help to my current mentee for many years to come.” 

Jan Gitlin
Account Executive

“I joined the Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program thinking that it would be interesting to mentor a young woman starting out in the business world, after this first year it is very humbling for me to recognize that I also learnt a lot from the experience…about myself, young people’s thought processes and business in general. Womentorship does as much for the mentor as it does for the mentee – it’s a perfect business win-win situation!”

Véronique Larlham
Communications Specialist
AREVA Resources Canada Inc. 


"Through Womentorship, I was able to connect with a group of amazing and talented women who had a shared purpose to grow and learn.   I was delighted to be matched with my mentor and it was a connection I may not have made otherwise and one that I will always be grateful for.   The professional development sessions were great and I can't wait to be part of the program next year!"

Andrea Hansen, GBA, CFP, B.Comm.
Benefits Consultant
Wiegers Benefits


"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Program through the Edwards School of Business.  This program has been wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable.  I have met so many incredible women and it's hard to tell who are the mentors and who are the protégées.  My protégées and I get together every 6 weeks or so and I really enjoy the company of these young women.  They are intelligent, hard working and very committed to improving themselves.  It has been a great motivator for me.  I have learned a great deal about them and myself, and I am thankful to be part of this program.  Thank you for the opportunity and the experience."

Catherine Gryba
Manager, Strategic Planning
City of Saskatoon


"As a mentor and participant in the Womentorship learning events, I have greatly enjoyed meeting the upcoming generation of women leaders.  Their enthusiasm, verve, and intelligence is a delight.  Seeing them ‘on the move' brings me more hope for our future."   

Meredith A. Moore
Moore Chamberlin & Associates


"I am encouraged to see such a wonderful group of women participate in the Womentorship Program. We carry on in our day to day lives and do not realize the many powerful women that are in Saskatoon and the impact they can make.  There were learnings and laughter!"

Jos Herman, BComm, CA, CFP
Financial Management Advisor