The Powerful Presenter in You:

Motivating Action

Part of the Communication Strategy of Success Program


Program Overview

By practicing and receiving feedback regarding the manner in which we present ourselves – both formally and informally, we take a much deeper dive into the key components of the Communication Strategy for Success Certificate Program. In our world of fast-paced, ever-changing and diverse interactions, this type of immersion experience quickly and efficiently alerts us to the things that are helping and hindering our leadership impact.

What kind of impression do you make when presenting information or sharing ideas with individuals or groups on the phone, by email, in a meeting, interview or any public gathering? Is your message authentic and powerful? Do you engage, motivate or influence others to ask questions and take action on an idea? The answers to these questions depend on you, the “presenter”.

This interactive, practical session is not about how to create a power point presentation – it is about giving you the wisdom and tools to explore and practice being a Powerful Presenter.

The Powerful Presenter in You: Motivating Action is part of the Communication Strategy for Success Certificate Program. For more information on completing the certificate, click here. 

Compel Us

By knowing the compelling reason ‘why’, we stay focused on the purpose of the presentation.  And in turn, we inform and satisfy the ever-present human need of knowing ‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘Why should I listen?’

Instill Confidence

By knowing how to confidently prepare and present this compelling message we put ourselves and others at ease - whether you have 2 minutes or 2 weeks to prepare, whether the presentation is 5 minutes or 5 hours long or whether your audience has 3 or 300 people.

Build Trust

By integrating learning styles, needs and conditions – whether prepared or impromptu, we show adaptability, reliability, competence and honesty - the key components of trust.


Engage Empathy

By integrating awareness of yourself and others we achieve maximum inclusion and buy-in and minimize exclusion or dismissal.

Leave A Lasting Impression

By making the best impression possible, we gain gravitas and motivate others to take action.


  • Practicing Powerful Communication

    At the heart of any Powerful Presentation, is a Powerful Communicator. Someone who consistently practices effective communication in all areas of their life. This is not an innate, inborn characteristic of only certain people. This is a learned and developed practice – a conscious choice to be self-aware, develop new skills, replace bad habits, practice and course-correct throughout our entire lives.

    San Francisco/New York-based Decker Communications regularly produces a Top 10 List, as well as a Best & Worst Communicators list on their blog. In addition, Rachelle Brockman has polled thousands of participants in her workshops over the past 20 years asking the question, what do you especially like and dislike about the presenters you have experienced? Here are some of the top best & worst Practices of Powerful Communicators:


    Best Practices Worst Practices
    Humility Arrogance
    Calm Confidence Distracting nervousness
    Honesty Avoiding – Pretending - Lying
    Personable – Smiling, eye contact, emotion, vocal
    Robotic – No emotion, monotone
    Engaging – Meaningful audience involvement Disengaged– No audience involvement
    Clear, concise speech Mumbling, ‘uhms’, ‘ahs’, ‘likes’, rambling
    Strong voice – Volume Inaudible voice – Too quiet
    Not reading everything Reading everything
    Uses visual aids efficiently No visual aids or uses visual aids inefficiently
    Clear point – Purpose Leaves us guessing about ‘the point’ – Purpose
  • Key Learning Objectives
    • Prepare a clear message that will stick with your audience – from creation through delivery
    • Consider your audience – who they are, their background and experience, and how best to engage them
    • Understand the impression you make and how you affect the power of your message
    • Learn tips to being flexible, persuasive and confident when you deliver your message
    • Deliver a short individual presentation and receive developmental feedback from a wide variety of perspectives
    • Learn how to listen to other presentations and offer developmental feedback from your unique perspective, as well as gather practical tips from them
  • Who Should Attend
    • Individuals looking to lead into opportunity
    • Leaders wanting to develop strategy opportunities
    • Team Leaders and employees at all levels wanting to develop leadership skills and opportunities
    • Individuals looking for opportunities 
  • What Is Included
    • All learning materials provided digitally through Canvas
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Credential to add to your CV and LinkedIn Profile 

Funding Available

Check out the funding opportunities available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

*Multi-course certificate program; participants must enroll in two or more courses in the Communication Strategy of Success Program to meet requirements for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

Upcoming Session TBD

Fees: $995 plus GST

Registration Deadline: To Be Announced

Location: Virtual Delivery

Course Planner

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Ever Lewis Germain
Program Coordinator
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Instructor Profile


Rachelle Brockman, BComm, MBA

Principal of Eureka Experience, Rachelle is an experienced, award-winning educator, a passionate artist and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. She inspires people, teams and organizations to ‘get it done’ in a passionate, productive way.  She digs down to core issues and provides tangible tools for leaders and teams to move forward by practicing courageous communication.

Rachelle holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm).  Rachelle is also a Certified Facilitator of the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) a FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) Facilitator and a Certified Facilitator of the Canadian It’s Your Move youth program.

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