Mighty Conversations:

Addressing Issues with Constructive Results

Part of the Communication Strategy of Success Program


Program Overview

Have you ever avoided a conversation about an important topic, wished you could be more assertive, had difficulty giving or receiving feedback or been frustrated by the outcome of a conversation?  And when it is important, are you able to say what is on your mind, to anyone, at any time in a respectful, constructive manner?

During this program, we will interactively explore the dynamics of people and conversations that will enhance our communication successes and relationships. We will incorporate a wide variety of perspectives, activities and discussions to be able to achieve constructive results and shift our thinking from difficult conversations to mighty conversations.

Mighty Conversations: Addressing Issues with Constructive Results is part of the Communication Strategy for Success Certificate Program. For more information on completing the certificate, click here. 


Develop Skills in Situation Analysis

By ‘mastering the courage to interrogate reality,’ (Scott) we learn to check the externals - fact vs assumption, position vs need and fruit vs root issues.


Develop Courage

By ‘having the courage to show up and be seen,’ (Brown) we learn to check the internals – emotion, intention, contribution, triggers and risk.



Since ‘what I do speaks so loud you cannot hear what I say,’ (Emerson) we learn to check accessories – preference, habit, bias and identity.



Since ‘the future belongs to the one most fully alive in the present,’ (Palnik) we learn to be strategic and accountable, while keeping it real!


Constructive Results

By ‘tacking our toughest challenge today,’ (Scott) we learn to take action, course correct and practice every day in order to develop this essential skill to create constructive results in our work, relationships and lives, in general.

  • Key Learning Objectives
    • Consider and analyze Mighty Conversations you have been avoiding or feeling unsatisfied with
    • Develop an understanding for the other person(s) perspective in these situations
    • Learn tips to better handle the impromptu circumstances that can arise in a Mighty Conversation
    • Prepare and practice initiating a wide variety of Mighty Conversations
    • Prepare and practice being on the receiving end of a Mighty Conversation
    • Increase your confidence in being respectfully honest with others in any situation
  • Who Should Attend
    • Individuals looking to lead into an opportunity
    • Leaders wanting to develop strategy opportunities
    • Team Leaders and employees at all levels wanting to develop leadership skills and opportunities
    • Individuals looking for opportunities 
  • What Is Included
    • All learning materials provided digitally through Canvas
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Credential to add to your CV and LinkedIn Profile 

Funding Available

Check out the funding opportunities available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

*Multi-course certificate program; participants must enroll in two or more courses in the Communication Strategy of Success Program to meet requirements for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

Upcoming Session TBD

Fees: $995 plus GST

Registration Deadline: To Be Announced


Course Planner

For more information, contact

Ever Lewis Germain
Program Coordinator
Email Me

Instructor Profile


Rachelle Brockman, BComm, MBA

Principal of Eureka Experience, Rachelle is an experienced, award-winning educator, a passionate artist and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. She inspires people, teams and organizations to ‘get it done’ in a passionate, productive way.  She digs down to core issues and provides tangible tools for leaders and teams to move forward by practicing courageous communication.

Rachelle holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm).  Rachelle is also a Certified Facilitator of the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) a FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) Facilitator and a Certified Facilitator of the Canadian It’s Your Move youth program.

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Alternate program transfers may be approved dependent on program availability. Transfer requests must be scheduled within six (6) months of the initial purchase.

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