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Reach your organization's strategic goals with in-house and customized professional development


 Edwards Executive Education develops and delivers transformative teaching and learning opportunities that will advance innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, prepare future-ready professionals, and encourage a culture of wellness.  

Partnering with Edwards Executive Education can be a key strategy for moving your organization forward with comprehensive learning and professional development that truly aligns with your strategy, culture, and values. 


Organizational professional development includes:

  • Public programs - Available to all business professionals, managers, and executives wanting to gain knowledge through a supportive and dynamic learning environment
  • Inhouse programs – Provide training to your organization from one of our already developed public programs​. See Full Program List
  • Custom programs – Create a fully custom program that is tailored to your specific organization, division, or teams needs​. Custom programs can provide training with a mix of learning areas, expertise, delivery methods, and assessments
  • Co-Branded Certificate Programs– Develop a co-branded certificate that is tailored to your specific organization, division, or teams needs

Professional development can be offered through a variety of lengths including half-day to 18-day programs to all professionals including executives, managers, or employees wanting to gain knowledge through a welcoming and dynamic learning environment.  

Training can occur on-site, at a location of your choice, or at our convenient downtown location offering a neutral learning environment. 

In-house or custom training is an efficient option for those organizations that have large numbers, remote office locations, and require flexible scheduling. As a service provider, we can help with site selection, class scheduling, marketing the program and the design and delivery of the program.

Our Process


  • We listen to understand and get to know your organization
  • Includes one-on-one communication with our team to ensure we understand your goals, challenges and needs​
  • We determine the delivery method you desire to use
  • This step is consultative and iterative
  • We may also discuss budget, timeline, and participant number expectations
  • We work with you to design a program that meets your goals, challenges and needs
  • We bridge your organizational gaps by bringing together our team, experts, facilitators and other individuals  that will provide the knowledge and teaching methods you require​
  • We determine the delivery style you desire to use including using cases, workshops, coaching, action learning, personal development plans, etc.
  • We provide a quote 
  • Your program can be delivered at the location of your choice or Edwards Executive Education
  • Delivery timeline will be determined by the availability of the Facilitators and your organizational availability​
  • We also provide all the learning materials and can facilitator’s teaching supplies if required 
  • Everything we do is designed to facilitate knowledge transfer and impact your organization and employees in a meaningful and impactful way
  • We value your feedback from everything on our approach to the delivery and value received from the program​
  • Delivery of evaluation forms will be provided to collect feedback from your organization’s participants. This feedback will be supplied to you to determine future professional development investments

Funding Opportunity

There are 2 funding opportunities available from the federal and provincial governments offering organization professional development. 

Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy

The benefits of this training grant include:

  • 100% reimbursement of executive education training programs, if eligible
  • A maximum payment of $10,000 to eligible employers
  • Check your eligibility here
  • We will work with you on your application for this grant

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant

The benefits of this training grant include:

  • two-thirds reimbursement of executive education training programs, if eligible
  • Employers can make multiple grant applications to a maximum of $100,000 per fiscal year, and up to $10,000 per individual trainee
  • Check your eligibility here.
  • We will work with you on your application for this grant

Past Clients Included:



Government of Sask
Meadow Lake Tribal Council
Saskatchewan Blue Cross
Saskatchewan Polytech
Canadian Light Source

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