Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi

Associate Professor

Hanlon Scholar in International Business

Post-Doctorate Research Associate (Haskayne School of Business) PhD (Trinity College: The University of Dublin) MSc (Social Research and Statistics) (University College Dublin) Higher Diploma (Social Research and Statistics) (University College Dublin) BA (Pontifical Urbaniana Universitat) Diploma (Pontifical Urbaniana Universitat) Diploma (Societas Verbi Divini cum Pontifical Urbaniana Universitat)


Room 50
25 Campus Drive, Nutrien Centre, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, SK, S7N 5A7


  • ESB: Organizational Behavior (COMM. 105)
  • ESB: Human Resource Management (COMM. 211)
  • ESB: Organizational Theory - Structure and Design (COMM. 342).
  • ESB: Global Strategy & Organizational Design (COMM. 498)
  • SENS Global Sustainable Development (ENVS. 802.3 & 992)

Teaching Interests: International Management (i.e., Cross-national management), General Management, Global Business Strategy & Sustainability, Organizational Behaviour/Theory, & Cross-Cultural HRM

Recent Publications

  • Recent Publications

    Selmier, W. T., Newenham-Kahindi, A, & Oh, Hoon, C. (2015). Understanding the words of relationships: Language as an essential tool to manage CSR in communities of place. Journal of International Business Studies, 46 (2): 153-179.

    Li, J., Newenham-Kahindi, A., Shapiro, D. & Chen, V. The Two-Tier Bargaining Model Revisited: Theory and Evidence from China’s Natural Resource Investments in Africa". Global Strategy Journal, Vol. 3 (4): 300-321.

    Newenham-Kahindi, A. (2011) Human resource strategies for managing ‘back-office’ employees in subsidiary operations: The case of two investment multinational banks in Tanzania, Journal of World Business,  46(1): 13 – 21.

    Bowen, F. E., Newenham-Kahindi, A. and Herremans, I. (2010) When suits meet roots: The antecedents and consequences of community engagement, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 95, Issue 2: 297-318.


    Newenham-Kahindi, A.; Kamoche, K., Chizema, A., & Mellahi, K. (Eds.) (2013) Effective people management in Africa. (Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, UK).

    Recent Book Chapters

    Newenham-Kahindi, A. (2013). Managing sustainable development through Cross-Cultural Management: Implications for Multinational Enterprises in Developing Countries, in A. Newenham-Kahindi., K. Kamoche., A. Chizema., & K. Mellahi. Effective people management in Africa. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, UK. (pp. 211-245).

    Newenham-Kahindi, A.; Kamoche, K., Chizema, A., & Mellahi, K. (2013) Preface and Introduction: New Direction in the Management of Human Resources and Organizations in Africa. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, UK. Pps. i-xv.

    Newenham-Kahindi, A. & Beamish, P. (2013) in Bartlett, Christopher A. and Paul W. Beamish., Transnational Management: Text, Readings, and Cases in Cross-Border Management, 7/E, Burr Ridge, Illinois, Irwin McGraw-ill.


My primary research interests are at the intersection of Sustainability, Strategy & Organization, and International Business with particular focus on developing/emerging economies. I intertwine these streams to research unfamiliar institutional contexts of developing/emerging countries, with regard to sustainable issues such as managing people and organizations; social ills of poverty, unemployment and ecology; and, business-community stakeholder relations. I seek to contribute to the importance of understanding distinct institutional imaginaries, cultural logics, and societal orientations from developing/emerging countries in international business and management theories