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Dr. Painter is a professor of entrepreneurship and has been involved in undergraduate and graduate level teaching, research, consulting work and executive training programs. Research projects have included agribusiness management and entrepreneurship and farmland investment strategies. Consulting projects have included economic development projects, business planning and feasibility studies, personal financial planning, marketing analysis, forensic accounting, and agricultural financial analysis. Dr. Painter has been involved in executive training programs through the Edwards School of Business, which have been primarily in the areas of feasibility analysis, strategic business planning, venture management and investment analysis, and personal financial planning.

Dr. Painter currently teaches the capstone entrepreneurship and business planning course and is associated with the entrepreneurship minors offered throughout the University by the Edwards School of Business and the Edwards Entrepreneurship Initiative. 

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Teaching Profile

Post-Secondary Teaching Profile

Since joining the Edwards School of Business, Dr. Painter has facilitated and instructed in over 150 sections of management and marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and quantitative analysis classes, and supervised over 200 student based research projects. Following is an overview of the courses delivered.

Venture Management (COMM 447.3, ENT 310.3 and MBA 992.3)

These courses are designed to assist students in developing and understanding the skills and tools required in preparing and presenting a complete and professional business plan for a business entity. All aspects of the business plan are discussed, including operations, human resources, marketing and finance. Business, Engineering, Arts & Science, and Kinesiology students are expected to combine knowledge and skills to produce a business plan.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (MPACC 809.3)

This Masters in Professional Accounting (MPACC) course examines the research, analytical, and planning processes required for venture start-up and the on-going management processes required for the venture to be successful in the long run. The course examines these processes from the viewpoints of the small business owner/manager and the small business accountant/consultant. The course outline is designed to lead students through the research phase first, then the feasibility analysis, the business plan, and finally the implementation and on-going management of the business. Students will be exposed to new analytical techniques associated with assessing feasibility and with monitoring business performance. These techniques are of a practical and professional nature and will assist students in completing their professional entrance exams and in their professional work.

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning (MBA 841.2)

This course is designed to provide students with concepts and tools to successfully develop and manage all components of the strategic business plan. Students will be required to assess existing business plans, discuss approaches to maximizing the effectiveness of the business plan as a management tool, and develop a case business plan as a course project.

Agribusiness Management (MBA 872.2)

This course is designed to provide an in-depth look at the trends and challenges facing agribusiness managers today. The course provides agribusiness managers with the concepts and tools required to build a sustainable competitive advantage in an ever-changing economic environment. These concepts and tools are necessary for agribusiness managers to lead their human and capital resources for profit and success.

Management Consulting Project (MBA 992.3)

This course provides students with an opportunity to develop research and consulting skills through completion of a major management consulting project. The project is done in partnership with industry clients. The topic must be empirical in nature, can be an area of interest to the individual student within the context of their specialization, and must be of value to the client.

Strategic Agribusiness Planning (MBA 821.3)

This course is designed to provide students with concepts and tools to successfully develop and manage all components of the strategic business plan. Students are required to assess business plans, discuss approaches to maximizing the effectiveness of the business plan as a management tool, and develop an actual business plan as a course project.

Strategic Agribusiness Management (MBA 822.3)

This course is designed to provide students with concepts and tools to enhance a manager's abilities to implement and control strategic decisions within the agribusiness firm. All components of the agribusiness strategic plan are operationalized in a hands-on agribusiness simulation in a competitive environment. Students will be learning analytical processes, applying quantitative and technical tools, and applying strategic management concepts in an integrated agribusiness setting.

Government Policy in Canada (COMM 303.3)

This course was designed to develop in students an understanding of the framework and processes (including political) that guide the development of government policy initiatives. The course focused on the development of economic and social policy and how the two are intertwined.

Agribusiness Venture Management (COMM 492.3)

This course served as the capstone course for Agriculture students taking the Ag Business Minor as well as a required course for Commerce students taking an Ag Business Theme.

Taxation in Canada (Tax 315.3)

The primary objective of this course was to instil general government economic and social policy awareness in students.

Introduction to Business (COMM 101.3)

This is an introductory course for all Commerce students. It provides comprehensive coverage of all functional areas of business, from a management perspective.

Economic Environment in Business (MBA 750.3)

Introductory managerial micro-economics course for MBA students.

Financial Management (MBA 806.3)

Introductory finance course for MBA students.

Introduction to Finance (Finance 260.3)

Introductory finance course for undergraduate commerce students.

Intermediate Corporate Finance (Finance 363.3)

Third year corporate finance course for undergraduate commerce students.

Security Analysis (Finance 367.3)

Third year finance course in financial markets and security analysis for undergraduate commerce students.

Teaching Manuals

Painter, Marvin J. 2017. Entrepreneurship and Venture Management - this is a 400-page manual developed for MBA 992 (updated annually).


Research and Publications

Following are the papers, articles and books that have been completed, under review, and in progress.

In Progress:

Painter, Marvin J. (expected completion in 2017). “The Changing Returns to Farm Labour and Management”

Published Articles

Painter, Marvin J. 2016 “Sustainable Land Values and Price Premiums for North American Farmland” The International Journal of Agricultural Management. Journal of the International Farm Management Association. The Institute of Agricultural Management, UK. Volume 5, Number 4, Pages 115-122. December 2016

Painter, Marvin J. 2015. “Assessing the Required Risk Premium for North American Farmland Investment” 2015 Journal of ASFMRA. The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Pages 15 – 33. June 2015.

Painter, Marvin J. 2013. “Gold, Black Gold, and Farmland: Should they all be in your Investment Portfolio?” The International Journal of Agricultural Management. The Institute of Agricultural Management, UK. Volume 2, Number 2, Pages 100-112. January, 2013

Painter, Marvin J. 2011.  “Is Farmland as good as Gold?” Economics Research International (ISSN: 2090-2131). Hindawi Publishing Corp., New York, NY. Volume 2011. Pages 1 – 8. December, 2011.

Painter, Marvin J.  2010.  "Equity Financing and Investment Opportunities in Canadian Primary Agriculture" Australian Farm Business Management Journal (ISSN 1449-5937).  Australian Farm Business Management Network. Charles Sturt University, Orange, Australia. Volume 7 - no 1. Pages 11-20. November, 2010. 

Invited Papers In Published Conference Proceedings And Abstracts

Painter, Marvin J. (2015) “Sustainable Land Values and Price Premiums for North American Farmland” Proceedings Volume 1 of the 20th International IFMA Congress on Farm Management: pages 384-395. July 2015. Quebec City, Canada. ISBN 978-92-990062-3-8 

Painter, Marvin J. (2013)  “North American Farmland Investment Performance Assessment using E-V Analysis, CAPM and Value at Risk” Proceedings of the 19th International IFMA Congress on Farm Management: July 2013.  Warsaw, Poland. ISBN: 978-92-990062-0-7