Megan Walsh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Management) (Memorial University of Newfoundland ) Master of Employment Relations (Memorial University of Newfoundland ) B.A. (Memorial University of Newfoundland )


Room 152
25 Campus Drive, Nutrien Centre, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, SK, S7N 5A7


Dr. Walsh’s research is focused on leadership, well-being, and gender issues in organizations. She has examined how leadership styles relate to leaders’ own stress, and how leadership quality subsequently influences employee well-being. Her dissertation investigated role of mindfulness in relation to leadership style and employee well-being. She has also published work examining the relationship between leadership style and gender, with a specific focus on the role of context and self-perception.

Prior to joining the Edwards School of Business, she completed her PhD in Management at Memorial University of Newfoundland. At Memorial, she taught courses such as Occupational Health and Safety, and received several grants related to her research on mindfulness. She was also a founding committee member of Empowering Leadership, an annual conference and monthly workshop series for women in leadership positions.


Comm 105: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour 


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Conference Presentations

Rosales, J. M., Campbell, V. L. S., Walsh, M. M., & Arnold, K. A. (2018, November). Mindfulness training for university students on work placements. Poster presented at the International Symposium for Contemplative Research, Phoenix, Arizona.

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Walsh, M. M. (2016, August). Mindfulness and resource gain for women leaders. In S. J. Creary & C. L. McCluney (co-chairs), Resisting and cultivating: How marginalized women construct positive leader identities at work. Symposium conducted at the Academy of Management conference, Anaheim, CA.

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Research Grants

Walsh, M. M. (Principal Investigator), Carleton, E. (Co-investigator), & Arnold, K. A. (Collaborator), Addressing stereotype threat from women in leadership: The role of mindfulness, $64,871, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant, 2018-2020.

Walsh, M. M., Mindfulness at work: An experimental investigation, $6990, Office of the VP Research (University of Saskatchewan) SSHRC Explore, 2018-2019.

ASAC CJAS PhD Student Grant, Mindfulness at work: An experimental investigation, 2017, $2500

Teaching and Learning Framework St. John’s Campus Funding Competition, Using Mindfulness Practice to Support Co-operative Education Students’ Well-being and Capacities for Awareness, Attention and Reflection, 2016, $22,336

Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Award, 2015, $105,000