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Introduction & Background


“The Digital & Social Media Program is well worth the investment. The knowledge, tools, and resources are so beneficial to many different industries.” - Erica Schindel, University of Saskatchewan

The Digital & Social Media Program is designed to assist organizations and individuals with capitalizing on the meteoric rise of ‘digital’, regardless of industry.  Ensuring that there is a correct complement of traditional marketing channels with digital alternatives provides the most efficient and effective marketing mix.  Whether a government organization, a non-profit entity, or a for-profit business, there is a growing role for digital media.  Providing opportunities for greater reach, increased connectivity, better monitoring, and increased return-on-investment, digital channels are being chosen over traditional alternatives at an increasing rate.

A little more than a decade since the first Facebook account, channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others have transformed the way we communicate, but questions remain.  How can social networks best be put to use?  What’s the best way to engage with audiences?  Is a specific channel a good fit for your organization?  The goal of the Digital & Social Media Program is to help individuals and organizations with answering these questions.

“Lyle is an amazing instructor. He is clearly passionate and full of vital informational that companies need to know.” - Lindsie Scott, North West Terminal

"Over 1000 participants have completed almost 7000 modules since 2010 at locations throughout North America."

The Digital & Social Media Program offered in partnership with Memorial University's Faculty of Business Administration, Gardiner Centre is composed of three core multi-day training programs (each with six modules, over 3 days).  If an organization has a narrow, specific need, modules can also be completed individually.  The modules are not designed just for the technical people within the organization but rather are designed to provide ALL organizational members from employees to upper management with an increased understanding of the opportunities and potential of various digital marketing channels and strategies on how to utilize them effectively.

Required Courses

Funding Available

Check out the funding opportunities available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant

*Multi-course certificate program; participants must enroll in two or more courses to meet time requirement for Job Grant.


Instructor Profile

LyleLyle Wetsch

Lyle is the designer of the Digital & Social Media Program and the facilitator of all of the programs components.  He is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Memorial University, NFLD and Chair in Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Business Administration.

In addition to his work at Memorial University, he is actively involved in providing presentations and consulting with businesses on various elements of digital and social media through his company “Digital Marketing Consultants”.  He has assisted businesses and organizations with the development, design and implementation of their digital and social media strategies as well as serving on several advisory boards.  His work has received several international accolades.

GardinerPartnership Programming

Edwards School of Business is proud to partner with one of the east coast's leading business school's in Canada, Memorial University, Faculty of Business Administration, Gardiner Centre in Newfoundland to provide this 3-Day Course.


Enrollment Bonus

Participants will also be granted access to several free DSMP Online courses as well as premium courses valued at several hundred dollars.

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