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“The knowledge I’ve acquired through this course will make a huge difference for our organization. I can’t wait to get back to the office and implement what I’ve learned!” - Madeline Bates, United Way Regina

Learn how to develop, refine and deploy an effective digital and social media strategy and tactical plan for your organization.

Including social media across all of your organization’s business functions is a critical element in achieving success in today’s business environment.  The benefits of utilizing digital and social media are proven, and organizations must remain current in both the use and monitoring.

The Digital & Social Media: Strategy and Tactics program focuses on understanding organizational requirements and guiding the development or refinement of your strategic, tactical and audit plans which the participants can implement in the organization.  Through a detailed overview of a wide range of the most important current and emerging digital and social media channels, you will be able to identify channels and techniques that will enhance your online presence.


This module provides participants with the key aspects of developing or refining your Digital and Social Media Strategic, Tactical and Audit Plans to ensure that your online deployment is effectively supporting your strategic goals.


This module begins your tactical planning and deployment by looking at the core social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Determining if and how you should deploy on these channels will be key to your online success.


This module introduces you to the range of opportunities in the growing mobile environment ranging from your website design, mobile apps, augmented reality and location based tools such as beacons. Mobile first must be a key mantra going forward.


This module focuses on the visual social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat as well as other tools that can assist you with enhancing the visual content of your core social media channels or achieving organizational goals.


This module covers channels and tools that exist for the use and deployment of online video including live-streaming and recorded content. As the largest type of online content consumed, effectively using video in your content plan is essential.


The number of channels that organizations need to manage content for and monitor is increasing as is the number of individuals in an organization involved with social media. This module provides an overview of key management tools.

  • Key Learning Objectives

    “I’m leaving this three-day course with more tools and strategies than I ever imagined. Very impressed.” - Mike Halstead, City of Saskatoon

    For Individuals

    • Learn how to develop or refine your organization’s Digital and Social Media strategy
    • Know how to evaluate and choose the best tools for your organization or personal deployment
    • Learn how to use a wide variety of digital and social media tools to help you achieve your goals
    • Learn what opportunities are being created by the most current changes on social media channels and how they can best be leveraged to assist your strategic goals

    For Organizations

    • Understand how integrating Digital and Social Media across business functions brings measurable benefits to the organization
    • Ensure the tools and channels that you are deploying on are best suited to your organization’s goals and objectives
    • Understand the value of using a variety of media in the tactical deployment of your strategy
    • Be aware of the most current changes to existing social media channels and what channels will become key in the near future
  • Who Should Attend?
    “This is information that can transform the way our organization communicates and markets. Worth it!” - Pam Bristol, Ministry of the Economy

    Business owners of any size organization, managers, and professionals across all business functions who are involved in strategy development or tactical implementation


Program Fees

$1,695 plus GST

Includes course tuition, all teaching materials, meals and refreshments.

Registration Deadline

To Be Announced

Course Planner

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Laurie Mitchell

Program Coordinator


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Instructor Profile

LyleLyle Wetsch

Lyle is the designer of the Digital & Social Media Program and the facilitator of all of the programs components.  He is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Memorial University, NFLD and Chair in Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Business Administration.

In addition to his work at Memorial University, he is actively involved in providing presentations and consulting with businesses on various elements of digital and social media through his company “Digital Marketing Consultants”.  He has assisted businesses and organizations with the development, design and implementation of their digital and social media strategies as well as serving on several advisory boards.  His work has received several international accolades.

GardinerPartnership Programming

Edwards School of Business is proud to partner with one of the east coast's leading business school's in Canada, Memorial University, Faculty of Business Administration, Gardiner Centre in Newfoundland to provide this 3-Day Course.


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Participants will also be granted access to several free DSMP Online courses as well as premium courses valued at several hundred dollars.


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Cancellations received at least ten (10) business days in advance of the course commencement date will receive a full refund. Cancellations received less than ten (10) business days prior to the course commencement date will be subject to a $500 administration fee. Cancellations received less than three (3) business days prior to the course commencement date will be subject to full course tuition cost.

Non-attendance will incur full course tuition cost.

Fees subject to change without notice.

Program Transfers

One course transfer will be permitted without penalty if the cancellation request is received within fifteen (15) business days prior to the course start date. Alternate program transfers may be approved dependent on course availability. Transfer requests must be scheduled within six (6) months of the initial purchase. Applicants will be responsible for any price difference in program fees at the time of the request. Each subsequent transfer request will be subject to $300 administration fee. 

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