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Online Live Session

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All organizations are facing challenging times but things will get back to normal (or a modified version of normal) and organizations need to be able to communicate and engage with their audiences effectively. This FREE Online Micro Course is designed to help all types of organizations be ready with a better digital and social media presence. Content covered includes: 

  • Refining Your Strategy & Tactical Plan
  • Google My Business 
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Website

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The Google Nonprofit Program provides nonprofit organization with a variety of benefits for FREE including:

  • access to the full premium G-Suite for all employees
  • enhanced Google Earth and Maps & Youtube 
  • access to the Google Ad Grant which provides $10,000 US PER MONTH of Google Search Ads
  • access to MBA students, past DSMP attendees, and experts when obtaining and maintaining the Google Ad Grant


Digital and Social Media Program Podcast

One of the challenges is the constantly changing digital and social media environment.  In order to help past and future participants stay up to date on the most recent changes, releases, and updates, we are launching the DSMPodcast as part of our 10th Anniversary of the Digital and Social Media Program.  Every couple of weeks we will be releasing a new podcast and a vidcast. Click here to view where you can listen to past episodes. 

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who want to expand their reach beyond traditional offline media platforms or basic digital marketing strategies. 

Marketing Professionals looking to dive deep into one topic or one platform.

Individuals wanting to understand the latest trends in digital marketing and effective targeting strategies to maximize ROI. 

Past participants of the Digital and Social Media Program looking for a deeper dive into one specific topic.

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Program Fees

Includes a link to the online live session, access to the Digital and Social Media Program platform and first to know information on future courses.

Registration Deadline

To Be Announced

Instructor Profile

 LyleLyle Wetsch, MBA, MSc. Mgmt

Lyle is the designer of the Digital and Social Media Program and the facilitator of all of the program's components.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Marketing at Memorial University, NFLD and Chair in Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Business Administration with over 200 presentations and publications in the past 16 years. 

He has assisted businesses with the development, design, and implementation of their digital and social media strategic and tactical plans with his company, Digital Marketing Consultants. His work has received several international accolades.

Lyle's professional credentials include being a Google Partner, multiple Google certifications, Bing, Twitter, Hootsuite and Hubspot marketing and advertising certificates. 

Partnership Programming

Partnership Programming

Together with our partners, we continue to add value and enhance our educational experiences to our community through professional development and training in a supportive and welcoming environment.

This Edwards Executive Education program is proudly presented in partnership with The Gardiner Centre at Memorial University.

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