Stress Management and Personality Type - Navigating Through Current Challenges


Program Overview

Over 88% of the Fortune 100 Companies use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) as the tool of choice for organizational effectiveness.

This course will focus on understanding personality type in relation to acute and chronic stress reactions. Understanding how to utilize strengths and recognizing opportunities for growth is the key to decreasing workplace stress. You will explore personality type in areas including: stress management, time management, networking skills and navigating through organizational changes.

You will use your results from your MBTI® Stress Management Assessment to describe how you are likely to experience and react to stress:

  • Identifying communication styles from an overview of personality type. We will cover the opposite ways of gaining energy (Extroversion or Introversion), gathering information (Sensing or Intuition), coming to a conclusion about that information (Thinking or Feeling), and dealing with the world around us (Judging or Perceiving). This will be related directly to how to engage others in the workplace and recognize their natural strengths.
  • Gaining a better understanding of team preferences as to how the team relates together in terms of decision-making styles. All participants will identify team strengths, potential challenges, and ways to improve performance.
  • Identifying stress triggers through guided discussions based on how each unique personality type responds to acute and chronic stress; how to get back to balance will be discussed in detail. People tend to revert to the less preferred areas of their personality when conflict arises.
  • Identifying with one of four change management styles through customized activities. This will assist the leadership team in introducing organizational change effectively within the team as well as the team communicating their needs.
  • Exploring time management techniques to increase productivity based on preferences.
  • Understanding coping strategies in terms of overall wellness including sleep patterns, time management and self-care.
  • Prioritizing tasks will be discussed in terms of neuroscience and whether or not you are a morning person or if you energize later in the day.
  • Understanding preferences in terms of how to properly delegate tasks while utilizing our team’s natural strengths.


  • Key Learning Objectives
    • Understanding effective networking and time management skills
    • Recognizing how effective listening skills can help to alleviate stress in the workplace
    • Understanding how our reaction to acute or chronic stress reactions are directly related to personality type
    • Quickly identifying stress triggers in ourselves and coworkers and knowing how to get back to balance
    • Identifying with a unique change management style in relation to the four temperaments
    • Understanding how to help others navigate through the stress caused by organizational changes
  • Who Should Attend
    Business Professionals experiencing a high level of stress in the workplace.
  • What Is Included
    • All learning materials provided digitally through Canvas
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Credential to add to your CV and LinkedIn Profile
    • MBTI Stress Management assessment

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"Jolene is an excellent facilitator and instructor, she is very comfortable and engaging!"

Christina Stus

Innovation Place

Instructor Profile

Jolene Watson, Certified MBTI® Practitioner

Jolene Watson is the President of Clarity Coaching & Development, Executive Business Coach, Personality Expert, Certified Virtual Presenter and Professional Speaker across Canada. She is also a facilitator at Edwards School of Business / Executive Education, Praxis School of Entrepreneurship & Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

certified_virtual_logo1_lg-bitmap.pngShe became certified as a Myers-Briggs Practitioner through Psychometrics Canada Ltd. where she graduated with a 99% average; She speaks on a variety of topics and has notable expertise in the areas of networking etiquette, customer service, presentation skills and stress management.

Jolene is honored to have been a finalist for the 2020 Chamber of Commerce SABEX awards in the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' category, the 2019 Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics, the NSBA Business Builder Awards and the Women Entrepreneur Achievement Awards. She is looking forward to continuing to expand her business across Canada this upcoming year and truly loves being an entrepreneur!


StressEnrollment Bonus

Receive a complimentary copy of the type book In the Grip by Psychometrics Canada along with your MBTI Step I Stress Management Report.


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