We develop business professionals to build nations.

Welcome to Edwards Executive Education

Since 1981, Edwards Executive Education has trained and developed thousands of individuals representing hundreds of businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to develop personal and professional management and leadership competence. Areas of training and development occur in leadership, governance, business acumen, and process & project management.

We offer Professional Development programs for:

  • Individuals with programs open to all professionals wanting to gain knowledge in a collaborative, inclusive, and engaging environment.
  • Organizations including custom, in-house, and cobranded certificates that encourage accountability through engagement and opportunities that advance innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to prepare professionals and encourage a culture of wellness. 

Experience for yourself all that the Edwards Executive Education has to offer while you learn with us. 

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is comprised of two elements. The first element is the development of business professionals. We honour the School’s history of mentoring generations of business professionals by sharing research, knowledge, and experience.

The second element is our contribution to nation-building. We are deliberate in using the term “nations.” A nation is a community of people who have things in common, without necessarily having any type of border. It also encompasses people who share a language, culture, history, community or heritage.

We pluralize “nations” to emphasize the reaffirmation that we are a part of Treaty 6 territory and homeland of the Métis. We believe in a commitment to and relationship with the Indigenous peoples and communities of our
region and country.

At Edwards, a nation-builder is someone who creates community, sees unity in diversity, and ensures access to opportunity.


To be the Canadian leader in transformative business education and research that uplifts nations.
TOGETHER we will uplift nations.


nīkānītān manācihitowinihk and ni manachīhitoonaan
(“Let us lead with respect”) by:
Collaboration and inclusivity
Authenticity and integrity
Entrepreneurial thinking

K. W. Nasser


 Professor Emeritus Karim (Kay) Nasser and his family have a long-standing relationship with the University of Saskatchewan through financial gifts to support and continue to improve the experience of students. This includes the building that houses Edwards School of Business K. W. Nasser Center, allowing the University of Saskatchewan to secure its presence in downtown Saskatoon. September 24, 2009 marked the grand opening of the K. W. Nasser Center bridging a gap connecting the business school to the business community.

“From the beginning of my days as a student at the University of Saskatchewan, I knew that I wanted to give back to the U of S as it made a big difference in my life,” said Nasser. “If not for financial help, I would not have been able to get to university myself, so the main interest of my family is students who need financial assistance. We would like all students who want to come to this university be able to.”

Thanks to the Nasser Family. For the faculty, staff, students, and business community members who will have the opportunity to teach, learn, collaborate and thrive in this wonderful facility, we sincerely thank the Nasser Family. Your generosity and support for business education at the University of Saskatchewan has given us the opportunity to bridge town and gown.