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Britney Graf and DEP Alumni


Directors are continually challenged by information gaps, time squeezes and the behavioural dynamics that can be encountered in the boardroom. The Directors Education Program is designed to help directors overcome these challenges by introducing activities and processes that assist them in fulfilling their role.

The Directors Education Program (DEP) is the only program of its kind in Canada that bears the seal of the director community itself. Jointly developed by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, DEP has over 3,000 director alumni. The Saskatchewan DEP is offered in collaboration with Edwards Executive Education at the University of Saskatchewan and Levene Graduate School of Business, University of Regina. This partnership encourages growth of Saskatchewan’s diverse economic and business landscape.

DEP covers four core modules through a dynamic learning environment rich with peer-to-peer insights, director dilemmas, board and committee simulations, and case studies:

  • Assessing enterprise risk and directing extreme and unique events
  • Monitoring financial strategy, risk, and disclosure
  • Guiding human performance
  • Assessing enterprise risk and directing extreme and unique events

The most recent cohort was thrown a curveball requiring them to finish the program through virtual delivery but that did not hinder this cohort’s value from the program and actually encouraged further and deeper conversations about leading through and managing unexpected situations. Six members from the recent cohort share their experience in the Directors Education Program and encourage others to further themselves through professional development.


Chief Cadmus Delorme
Cowessess First Nation

As a Directors Education Program graduate, I have been handed tools to get aligned on priorities.

Good governance in this Country requires an understanding of legislative, executive, and judicial roles. As our Country was built after the First Nation, Inuit, and Metis, and good governance requires an understanding the role Canada plays with Section 35. With a designation from [this program], I cannot emphasize enough to importance our boards play in driving the social and economic aspect. Board members must include in their decisions on closing inequality gaps and balance diversity in decision-making positions. I sit on numerous boards and am an elected Chief. ICD reinforced in my thoughts that strong leaders plus competent oversight equals value creation. Value creation will create better return on investments while playing our role on Truth and Reconciliation to assure our next generation can continue the momentum.


Véronique Loewen, MBA, CMP, ICD.D
Owner, Communicator & Translator; Notary Public
Verolingo Communications

ICD’s Directors Education Program is a great way to deep dive into governance and the roles and responsibilities of directors. It is also a rewarding opportunity to meet other leaders from across the province and Canada. It is time well spent.

Thanks to the Directors Education Program, I have a deeper understanding of my role and responsibilities as a director. Whether you serve on a non-profit, publicly-traded, private corporation or other type of organization, the knowledge acquired during the DEP is bound to serve you well. It has sure been beneficial for me.

The Directors Education Program provides practical tools to be a more knowledgeable and efficient director. Thanks to this program I have a more acute understanding of my role and responsibilities as a director and continually apply the knowledge I acquired. I would highly recommend the program to those who seek to be more effective directors in service of their organization.

Through the Directors Education Program, I not only acquired a deeper understanding of my role and responsibilities as a director, I also made great connections with many leaders from our province and across Canada. This experience has been absolutely rewarding and I am constantly applying the knowledge, tools and best practices I learned.


Steve McLellan, ICD.D
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

I have sat on or worked for non-profit and corporate boards for almost 40 years and wanted to take that experience and blend it with the academic to enhance my overall skills. The [Directors Education Program] was the perfect tool for the job. I learned much about Board dynamics, process and risk mitigation and while in some cases I could relate back, much of it was very new. The Instructors and staff were all very knowledgeable and every session was excellent. Great prep materials made me look forward to the class and to learn what others in the class had gleaned from the readings. The whole experience was first rate and one I would recommend for anyone who is working or sitting on a board, your members and shareholders will benefit from it.


Cherise Arnesen
Corporate Director
Innovation Place Technology Parks, Saskatoon and Regina

The Director's Education Program was a game changer for me. I take the responsibility of providing thoughtful, ethical oversight in governance seriously. The DEP, as provided with the assistance of Edwards School of Business, elevated my ability to serve, inspired me, and emboldened me. The information and theory were thorough. The networking opportunities and peer learnings were invaluable and a pleasure. I maintain, to this day, a connection with many of the individuals that were in my cohort. Albeit intensive, The DEP was challenging, and it expanded my abilities as well as my brain. I found it to be rewarding and the commitment was absolutely worth it.


Susan Flett
President & CEO
Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation

Through an ideal combination of lectures, group discussions and simulations, the Director’s Education Program addresses topical issues and dilemmas facing boards and organizations today. Based on the latest in research and best practice, the seasoned faculty and speakers provide an in depth understanding of the principles of effective board governance.

The importance of hindsight, oversight and foresight really hit home for me and the friendships gained are invaluable. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.


Noreen Mahoney
Associate Dean, Students; Director, Executive Education
Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

The Directors Education program was a fantastic opportunity to enhance my board capabilities and has provided a governance framework and point of view that I find myself referring to often in my day-to-day management role as well.  The interactions and relationships developed with my cohort have been deeply satisfying.  The connections and friendships have lasted beyond the program and have been invaluable as resources to support my continued learning and development.  

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