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Leadership is about more than a title; it is about inspiring others to achieve a common goal through their words and more importantly their actions. Leadership is at the core of culture and cohesiveness across teams. What are you doing to develop leadership within your organization and to create a culture of wellness and inspire a shared vision?

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Leadership is a life-long journey and useful to all management levels. Leadership development should not end once reaching higher levels of management. By encouraging your employees to engage in leadership development, you are developing talent, empowering others to model the way and take action. Valuing their input will lead to innovative thinking, experiential learning and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Organizations that focus development efforts on individuals at every level do better at cultivating future leaders and attracting top talent. Edwards Executive Education provides professional development training to individuals at every stage of their leadership journey. Development opportunities build potential to lead high-performing teams, projects and change.

What You’ll Learn

Edwards Executive Education prepares leaders for tomorrow’s challenges through their proven leadership training pathway, upskilling individuals in preparation for the future. Regardless of supervisory level, there is a variety of programming options and professionals to consult with to recommend the best fit. Training is offered for individuals and organizations alike and will equip learners with the competencies that align with organizational strategy and vision.

Partnering with Edwards Executive Education is a strategic organizational move that prepares individuals with innovation and intrapreneurial thinking. Edwards will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs and objectives that align with your organizational strategies and determine the best educational approach. Leadership challenges arise in all industries. Participants will walk away with tools and experiences to think differently about difficult questions.


Seth Godin said “You don’t need permission from people to lead them. But in case you do, here it is. They’re waiting, we’re waiting for you to show us where to go next.” Leadership training at Edwards Executive Education will do just this: build competencies to show your team and organization where to go next.

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Originally published with Industry West Magazine. 

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