Digital and Social Media Program

Online Recorded & Live Modules

Introduction and Background

“Lyle's courses are full of valuable, current information that is applicable in real-time. Platforms, advertising, marketing plans – his knowledge base is so broad, he can answer almost any digital and social media marketing question. And everything is delivered in a tangible and entertaining way.” - Nancy Gauthier, City of Saskatoon 

The Digital and Social Media Program is designed to assist organizations and individuals with capitalizing on the meteoric rise of ‘digital’, regardless of industry.  Ensuring that there is a correct complement of traditional marketing channels with digital alternatives provides the most efficient and effective marketing mix.  Whether a government organization, a non-profit entity, or a for-profit business, there is a growing role for digital media.  Providing opportunities for greater reach, increased connectivity, better monitoring, and increased return-on-investment, digital channels are being chosen over traditional alternatives at an increasing rate.

A little more than a decade since the first Facebook account, channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others have transformed the way we communicate, but questions remain.  How can social networks best be put to use?  What’s the best way to engage with audiences?  Is a specific channel a good fit for your organization?  The goal of the Digital and Social Media Program is to help individuals and organizations with answering these questions.

“As a small business owner, it is important to me to not only do our digital marketing but understand the platforms for effective management of a hired ad agency. This course was exactly what I needed.” - Chelsea Norheim, Norheim Ranching.

"Over 1500 participants have completed 10,000 modules since 2010 at locations throughout North America."

The Digital and Social Media Program offered in partnership with Memorial University's Faculty of Business Administration, Gardiner Centre is composed of three core multi-day training programs (each with six modules, over 3 days).  If an organization has a narrow, specific need, modules can also be completed individually.  The modules are not designed just for the technical people within the organization but rather are designed to provide ALL organizational members from employees to upper management with an increased understanding of the opportunities and potential of various digital marketing channels and strategies on how to utilize them effectively.

Required Courses 

You must complete 3 of the 4 courses listed below to receive your Digital and Social Media Certificate

  •   Strategy and Tactics
  •   Communication, Engagement and Advertising
  •   Digital Content Creator
  •   Metrics, Measurement and Analytics


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How many courses do I need to take to receive my Certificate?

    Completion of three of the four courses is required to complete your Certification. 

    Are there any prerequisites?

    Completion of the three required courses is required. No other materials are required.

    What is the timeframe I must complete my three courses in?

    There is no required timeframe that you must complete your three courses to receive your Certificate.

    What are the benefits of completing the Digital and Social Media Program?

    This program is an investment in one's career and professional advancement. Completion of this program means you value staying relevant to Digital and Social Media trends to create a larger impact on your organization as a whole.

Funding Available

Check out the funding opportunities available through the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy


Instructor Profile


Lyle Wetsch, MBA, MSc. Mgmt

Lyle is the designer of the Digital and Social Media Program and the facilitator of all of the program's components.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Marketing at Memorial University, NFLD and Chair in Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Business Administration with over 200 presentations and publications in the past 16 years. 

He has assisted businesses with the development, design, and implementation of their digital and social media strategic and tactical plans with his company, Digital Marketing Consultants. His work has received several international accolades.

Lyle's professional credentials include being a Google Partner, multiple Google certifications, Microsoft, Twitter, Hootsuite and Hubspot marketing and advertising certificates. 

Partnership Programming

Together with our partners, we continue to add value and enhance our educational experiences to our community through professional development and training in a supportive and welcoming environment.

This Edwards Executive Education program is proudly presented in partnership with The Gardiner Centre at Memorial University.

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