Process Metrics, Management and Controls

Requirement of the Operational Excellence Certificate



Introduction and Background

"Very beneficial and great translation to office environment." – Chantelle Brodeur, TinyEYE Therapy Services

Imagine improving your organization every day. What would it take for this to occur?

  • A metrics system that allows you to measure the status of any process in real time.
  • Everyone must be able to see relevant issues, and use the scientific method to deal with them.
  • Management must support a work environment that values and supports ongoing improvement efforts.

This course is about building a framework for continuous improvement in your organization. You will learn how to build a robust measurement system, apply rigorous problem-solving practices and maintain effective process controls. You will also strengthen the managerial skills and capabilities needed to create a culture of continuous improvement.

By working on your own organization you will construct a visual management system, problem-solve using the scientific method, and practice the leadership behaviours needed to sustain continuous improvement. You will leave with an action plan to create a metrics system, to solve problem scientifically and improve skills and competencies of all employees.

  • Key Learning Objectives
    "An enjoyable and insightful experience from a pleasant and knowledgeable instructor." – Richard Gibbins, University of Saskatchewan
    • Identify your customers' needs, and set benchmarks to ensure satisfaction
    • Construct a metrics system to measure the status of any process in real time
    • Address the gap between current performance and target performance
    • Comprehend your processes by breaking them down into their component parts
    • Use the scientific method to solve problems rationally and proactively
    • Establish standard work through job breakdown, job methods and job instruction
    • Employ powerful leadership skills to build a culture that values and supports continuous improvement
  • Who Should Attend?

    This course is designed for those who want hands-on experience in creating metrics, controls and management actions to establish continuous improvement. Such as:

    • Process improvement teams or task forces
    • Department heads, managers or supervisors
    • Quality and operations professionals
    • Organizational executives


Program Fees


Includes course tuition, all teaching materials, meals and refreshments.

Registration Deadline

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Course Planner

For more information, contact

Rebecca Schweighardt

Program Coordinator

t: 306-966-7956


Course Outline

  • Measurement Fundamentals
    • Discovering what the customer wants
    • Building the Customer Report Card
    • Kano Analysis, finding what delights the customer
    • Elements of great customer-supplier relationships
  • Charting your Processes
    • Creating a macro-level flow chart of your main process
    • Visual management systems to track the current status of any process
    • Green, yellow, red process signs
    • Visual management examples
    • Building your own visual management system
  • Quality Metrics
    • Manual vs. IT generated metrics
    • Ensuring quality at every step: Quality at the Source
    • Displaying metrics for every job at the job site
    • A3 quality document for tough quality problems    
  • Scientific Problem Solving
    • Taking the risk out of change
    • Breaking a job into its smallest component pieces
    • Standard Work: the best way to do the job today
  • Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    • Leadership roles and responsibilities: Leader Standard Work
    • Creating a multi-skilled workforce with an employee skills matrix
    • Suggestion system idea boards
  • Assessing Your Own Organization
    • Leader standard work, visual controls, standard accountability, process maps, process definition, process discipline, problem solving

Funding Available

Check out the funding opportunities available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

*Multi-course certificate program; participants must enroll in two or more courses in the Operational Excellence Certificate to meet time requirement for the Job Grant.

Instructor Profile

danmadison1.jpgDaniel Madison, MBA, CFA

Dan Madison has been a consultant and university instructor for over 25 years. He is currently Principal of Value Creation Partners, an organizational consulting and training firm. He helps clients increase value through operational improvement, organizational redesign and leadership development. An expert in process mapping and improvement, he is the author of the number one selling book on Amazon Process Mapping, Process Improvement, and Process Management.

Prior to his current activities, Dan was a professional money manager, interviewed over 100 corporate officers (CEO’s and CFO’s) of the Fortune 500, and extensively analyzed hundreds of publicly held companies. He has an MBA in Finance (with honors) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Dan received his Lean Office Certificate from the University of Michigan.


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