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Experiential Learning at Edwards

Experiential learning is learning by doing, or “hands-on” learning. Experiential learning is incredibly valuable to both the students working on the projects, and the companies for which the projects are completed. Students gain applicable and real-world experience, and the clients that engage these students receive creative solutions, new insights, and a greater wealth of knowledge and resources.

Partners in Learning

Experiential learning courses require client/partner involvement and create opportunities for students to use their skills, experience, and resources when assisting clients with project needs or by providing a meaningful service.

Partner benefits:

  • Shape the next generation of business leaders and develop meaningful connections with students
  • Evaluate potential future employees through projects and short-term assignments
  • Create brand-awareness and discussion of your organization in the classroom

Student benefits:

  • Enhanced understanding of course work
  • Ability to partner with, contribute to, and learn from the business community
  • Networking opportunities and potential to create connections for full-time employment after graduation

Edwards Courses

At the undergraduate level, Edwards offers a variety of experiential learning courses and initiatives. These enable students to reach their full potential and learn beyond the classroom, while partner organizations can gain assistance regarding various aspects of their business.

We are currently running experiential learning classes that complete the following types of projects:

  • Branding: student teams work with a client to formulate a new brand through data collection, analysis and strategy recommendations. Students will have the opportunity to have their brand adopted by the client following the conclusion of the course.
  • Business Planning: student pairs create a comprehensive business plan for a new venture, a continuing business that wants to plan for expansion or as part of a succession plan.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: students develop an integrated marketing communications campaign from strategic planning to measuring effectiveness. The chosen client must have a budget set aside to implement one of the IMC campaigns from several that will be pitched to them at the end of term. 
  • International Business: student teams identify international business opportunities for a client.
  • International Marketing: student teams create an internationally-focused integrated marketing communications campaign for a client. 
  • Marketing Research: A small-scale marketing research group project allows students to formulate a problem, collect data and analyze it to provide deliverables to a client.

In the past, we also offered the following types of projects (and may offer them again in the future): 

  • Governance and Leadership (not currently offered): students are paired with a community-based organization and Board Mentor where they serve as a non-voting active Board member. In-class seminars provide relevant knowledge and skill development in areas such as governance, strategy, and leadership.
  • Management Consulting (not currently offered): students complete a business project for a client. Past projects have included marketing research studies, marketing plans, feasibility studies, organizational reviews and industry opportunity surveys.

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Over the past several years, Edwards School of Business has partnered with many organizations on experiential learning projects including large corporations, small businesses, cooperatives, and not-for-profits. If you would like a third or fourth year Bachelor of Commerce or MBA student to work on a project for you, please submit a request.

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