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Edwards Strategic Plan


Together, we enable learners to become socially conscious professionals through transformative educational experiences and we create knowledge that positively impacts businesses and communities in Saskatchewan and beyond.




Our vision at the Edwards School of Business is to be recognized as a Canadian leader in preparing learners the world needs and creating knowledge for sustainable business and communities.




At the Edwards School of Business we are guided by the following values:

Respect and Reconciliation We commit to integrating Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into our curriculum and our research, fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities, and creating an inclusive campus environment for Indigenous students, faculty, and staff.
and Support
We encourage a collaborative environment where students, faculty, staff, and alumni come together, leveraging their diverse perspectives, talents, and expertise in the classroom, in research, and in our community. We are committed to providing students and researchers with the support they need to realize their full potential.
Integrity and
Critical Thinking
We foster an environment where honesty, ethical conduct, and accountability are upheld by all members of the Edwards community. We encourage and nurture the development of critical thinking skills, empowering individuals to approach challenges and opportunities with open-mindedness, intellectual rigor, and analytical reasoning.
Open Inquiry
and Critique
We believe that intellectual growth and progress are fostered through an environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and respectful dialogue. We value curiosity and encourage our students, faculty, and staff to respectfully explore diverse perspectives, challenge assumptions, and engage in intellectual exploration.

The culture at Edwards leads to a sense of community amongst all students, staff, faculty, and partners in which principles of equitydiversity, and inclusion are integral to all activities and strategies. 

Strategic Goals and Commitments

The three goals of the Edwards strategic plan are:

  • to advance impactful research and knowledge creation;
  • to provide transformational learning experiences; and
  • to lead entrepreneurial thought and action at USask.

Woven throughout all our goals are three commitments:

  • to develop meaningful collaborations with Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous communities to foster our growth and strengthen our impact;
  • to integrate the sustainable development goals across all strategic areas; and
  • to build collaborative relationships with alumni and employers to enhance the value of the research and education offered by Edwards. 

Strategic Objectives

GOAL: To advance impactful research and knowledge creation


  • Focus on the relevance of research
  • Expand research-based graduate programs
  • Increase ability for faculty to focus on research

GOAL: To provide transformative learning experiences


  • Enrich our teaching and learning environments to position all students for success
  • Advance the development of core skills and enable lifelong learning to grow leaders at all levels

GOAL: To lead entrepreneurial thought and action at USask


  • Nurture the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Support innovation and entrepreneurial thinking across USask and our community