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Indigenous Business
Administration Certificate (IBAC)


The Edwards School of Business is just the right size. We offer exemplary students an AACSB-accredited education in a welcoming classroom environment. Our classes facilitate learning and interaction with faculty and other students. Situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis, the Edwards School of Business provides social and professional activities business students crave.

The Indigenous Business Administration Certificate (IBAC) is designed for self-declared First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students. The certificate is a gradual step towards a successful career in business with an option to transfer into the B.Comm. degree program upon completion. It provides students with an introduction to business including courses in accounting, marketing, finance, and human resource management and also incorporates significant student success activities.


Mickayla Carlson and Lauren Aussant share their experiences as Indigenous students at Edwards School of Business. Mickayla is completing her Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate and Lauren is completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Management.

What will I study?

Featured classes

COMM 115 – Business School Life I

Taught by Edwards advisors, this first-year course is designed to build skills to enhance success in the business world. Topics will include academic honesty and appropriate citation, presentations and case writing, study skills and exam writing skills, time and stress management and more.

COMM 120 – Business School Life II

A course designed to build a set of skills required for success in the business environment. Taken in your second year, topics will focus on: career counseling and job search techniques, resume writing and interview skills, and business etiquette. There will also be a networking event and local business visit.

Rawlinson Centre for Indigenous Business Students

At the Rawlinson Centre, Indigenous students can find a place to study, attend cultural events, and access dedicated student scholarships, tutoring services, and emergency financial assistance. The Centre is one of the only dedicated spaces for Indigenous business students in the country. Services include:

  • Scholarships
    In addition to general USask scholarships, bursaries, and awards, Edwards has a number of dedicated awards for self-declared Métis, First Nation, and Inuit students. The Rawlco Awards (valued at $1,000) are provided to all self-identified Indigenous students annually upon successful progression from one year to another in the B.Comm. program. IBAC Awards (valued at $2,000) are provided to all graduates of the Edwards Indigenous Business Administration Certificate (IBAC) program.
  • Professional development fund
    Edwards students can apply for co-curricular funding to subsidize costs related to activities that support academic success and the development of a professional network.
  • Math Bridging Program
    If you are interested in a program at the University of Saskatchewan that requires Foundations of Mathematics 30 and/or Pre-Calculus 30 (Grade 12 MATH B 30 and/or MATH C 30), the Rawlinson Centre can help you upgrade while taking courses in the IBAC program.
  • Tutoring
    Assistance is available for individuals or small groups to receive extra help in classes or to prepare for an exam or assignment.

Apply for admission


Start Term Application Deadline
Fall  May 1

Admission requirements

  • Direct entry admission - high school
    • First Nations, Metis or Inuit ancestry
    • Less than 18 credit units of transferable post-secondary courses
    • Grade 12 standing or equivalent
    • Successful completion of Foundations of Math 20 or Pre-Calculus 20. Successfuly completion of Math 30 or Pre-Calculus 30 is preferred
    • Minimum average of 70% on five subject high school average. Learn how we calculate your admission average.
    • Proficiency in English
  • Transfer admission
    • First Nations, Metis or Inuit ancestry
    • Attempted 18 or more credit units of transferable post-secondary level studies
    • Grade 12 standing, or equivalent
    • Successful completion of Foundations of Math 20 or Pre-Calculus 20. Successfuly completion of Math 30 or Pre-Calculus 30 is preferred
    • Meet the minimum university transfer entrance average of 60%
    • Transfer credit will not be rewarded for any cohort classes in the program
    • Proficiency in English
  • Mature admission
    • First Nations, Metis or Inuit ancestry
    • Entering first year of study (applicants who have completed 18 credits or more of university-level credits are not eligible to apply for mature admission)
    • Applicants must be 21 years of age by the first day of classes
    • A written submission demonstrating capacity to undertake university-level studies
    • Transcripts of any secondary or post-secondary coursework
    • Copies of supporting documents covering any non-credit programs completed
    • Resume
    • Proficiency in English
    • Learn more about mature admission

Money matters

Tuition and student fees

One of the most frequent questions asked by students is "How much does IBAC cost?"

In 2023-24, students in the IBAC program will pay $953.10 per 3-credit unit COMM class. Tuition for electives is dependent on the courses you choose. For current tuition information, visit the USask tuition website.

All certificate students must pay on-campus student fees. These fees are subject to review and revision at any time and are non-refundable after the add/drop deadline for a given term.


Textbook expenses vary depending on the requirements of each course. Generally students should expect to budget between $100 and $200 per class for texts and materials.

Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved beyond the classroom, as this is a great way to enhance your experience at university!

Ready to Study With Us?

If you would like more information on the Indigenous Business Administration Certificate, please contact us:

Jocelyn Ormerod
Edwards School of Business
University of Saskatchewan
25 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5A7

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