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Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL)

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The Edwards Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL) supports current and emerging professionals from all backgrounds who want to elevate their careers and be effective leaders locally and globally.

We do this by providing a high-quality education in a diverse classroom environment over three courses. Classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and one full Saturday per course.


A good leader creates more leaders | Mitchell Anderson, MBA 2015

What You Will Learn

The GCL is a three-course program that focuses on contemporary leadership issues to have an impact in formal and informal leadership roles.

You will begin the program with an experiential one-week (five full days) course. The next two courses continue to build on the fundamentals of leadership in a 3-week modular delivery format. Download a pdf of the course schedule.

More than a credential, you will have increased self-awareness and heightened inner potential to make an impact through leadership.

Learn more about the Featured Courses below.

Discover why leadership is the right choice for you.


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Featured Courses

  • MBA 885 Essential Management Skills
    Students will enhance their self-understanding, improve their interpersonal effectiveness, and review best practices to successfully manage in complex environments. Personal management style will be explored, and students will improve their communication skills, gain valuable insights into how to manage difficult people, conduct interest-based negotiations, exercise team leadership, and learn how to manage change. The role of personal wellness as a critical aspect of management performance will also be explored. Students will engage in practical exercises and will come away with tools and techniques they can apply immediately to solve their day-to-day issues.
  • MBA 803 Business and Society

    Through examination and hands-on application of critical aspects in today's dynamic environment such as corporate governance, competitive contexts, innovation, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, students develop the skills needed to analyze, formulate and implement firm strategy. This course is fundamental to understanding how business works.

    Prerequisite(s): MBA 885.

  • MBA 877 Leadership & Organizational Dynamics

    The role of a manager requires organizing, controlling, planning and motivating others to perform the work of the organization. The course examines articles, cases, novels, illustrations, and discussion to appreciate the totality of leadership. Students develop and hone their personal leadership philosophies.

    Prerequisite(s): MBA 885.

  • MBA 890 Leadership Seminar
    The leadership seminar provides a cohort experience for students, addresses topics that are relevant to student success, provides an opportunity to reflect on the knowledge and experiences from the three courses, and will include elements of what it means to lead during uncertain times and in an increasingly diverse environment.

Journey of leadership and cultural sustainability: A conversation with Darlene Brander 

I want to be the best leader I can be. I am always looking to add to my toolkit and to be at the top of my game as a leader and that is where the GCL program came in. Read more.

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Application Deadlines

Domestic applicant deadline: June 30 for the September program.

Edwards School of Business does not recommend this graduate certificate program to international students for the following reason: the certificate is only 3 courses (9 credit units) in length and offered over a period of 9 months across 3 terms. To be considered a full-time student, you must register in 6 credit units (2 courses) per term.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are assessed on a holistic basis for admission purposes. We look at a variety of factors when making admission decisions including undergraduate degree, grade point average, work experience, and reference letters. Applicants whose qualifications do not meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to contact the Edwards Graduate Programs Office to discuss potential opportunities for admission. 

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are evaluated in the order in which they are completed. Therefore, it is to your advantage to submit your completed application as early as possible, as enrollment is limited. The admission process is competitive and later applications are at a disadvantage.


  • What to include in your application

    Edwards assesses GCL applicants on a composite basis for admission purposes. We look at a variety of factors when making admission decisions including leadership experience, undergraduate degree, grade point average, work experience, and reference letters. An interview may be required.

    Your Completed Admission Package Includes:

    • Completed Online Application and $120 Application Fee
    • English Proficiency Scores (if required)
    • A transcript of your academic record
    • Three Letters of Reference
    • Current Resume
    • Letter of Intent

    All documents must be uploaded to your online application. 

  • Three or Four Year Undergraduate Degree

    A three-or-four year undergraduate degree from a recognized university (as deemed by the University of Saskatchewan) with a minimum 70% in the last two years of study. Applicants with three-year degrees and strong demonstrable potential for success in the program may be considered for admission. 

    Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended must be uploaded to your application. Transcripts from the University of Saskatchewan do not need to be uploaded but are required from all other institutions you have attended. For countries where degree certificates are issued, they must also be uploaded. If accepted, an official transcript of your academic record is to be sent directly from each institution attended.

    Visit Countries and Qualifications for a listing of countries and the equivalent academic requirements.

  • Letters of Reference

    Three (3) confidential letters of recommendation. Edwards requires you to submit 3 confidential letters of recommendation, from professors or others acquainted sufficiently with your training and experience to express an opinion on your ability to undertake graduate training. At least one of these must be an academic reference.

    • Contact your referees and ask them to provide a reference for you for the Edwards GCL program and obtain an up-to-date email address.
    • You will then fill out your referee’s complete information on the online application form and enter their current email address.
    • Once your application is completed, your referee’s will be sent a link where they can fill out an online form for your reference letter
  • Two Years of Leadership Experience

    Emerging leaders who have fewer than two years of leadership experience and who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential through their professional and life experiences, are preparing for further leadership roles, and otherwise meet the standard admissions criteria, are encouraged to apply.

    Please ensure that you demonstrate your leadership experience in your detailed Resume and Statement of Intent.

    Leadership experience could include (but is not limited to) one or more of the following:

    • Formal leadership role within an organization or volunteer group
    • Extensive, high-level supervisory experience
    • Experience in consulting or negotiating change in a complex environment
    • Experience leading others to shared outcomes (informal leadership experience)
  • Letter of Intent

    Provide a brief description (1000-word maximum) of your business and educational background, and your goals for the future. How will the Graduate Certificate in Leadership help you achieve your goals? Describe briefly what piqued you interest in achieving the GCL, and what you hope to get out of the program.

    Make sure your letter of intent is unique and specific to the Edwards GCL program. We don't want to read generic letters that sound like they could have been sent to any school; We want to know why you have chosen the Edwards GCL, and why we should choose you!

    An interview may also be required to assess language proficiency.

  • Resume

    Don’t just update and print off your last resume, take the time to understand what the Edwards GCL program is looking for in your resume.

    The Edwards GCL Selection Committee reviews your resume to find out the number of years of professional experience, jobs and positions held, previous employers, etc., to establish a work experience value for our composite admission scale.

    Make sure you outline the length of employment for each position on your resume. In order to evaluate your professional performance, the admission officers will measure the duration of each of your jobs, and the evolution of the responsibilities you have had. By following these simple steps, your resume can improve your chances for success.

  • Proof of English Proficiency

    Proof of English proficiency may be required for international applicants and for applicants whose first language is not English. See the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Academic Information and Policies for more information. *To see whether you will be exempt from this requirement, Click Here.


  • Tuition

    One of the most frequent questions asked by students is "how much will the graduate certificate cost?"

    In 2024-25, domestic students will pay $2020.35 for each course and the GCL consists of three courses so the total cost will be $6,061 plus fees. For current graduate domestic tuition information, visit the USask tuition website.

    Program tuition fees are assessed each by the University of Saskatchewan in May of each year. Fees are charged each term and are based on the courses registered for within the respective terms. The University of Saskatchewan academic calendar is based on four terms per year. Graduate students must register at the beginning of each academic year and arrange for payment of the required fees.  

  • Student fees
    All graduate students, including international graduate students, must pay student fees. These fees are subject to review and revision at any time, and, they are non-refundable after the add/drop deadline for a given term. Current fees are posted on the Money Matters website. For information on how and when to pay graduate fees check the University Course Calendar for Payment of Tuition and Compulsory Fees.
  • Textbooks and course materials
    Estimates are about $500 for the entire certificate. This does not include the costs of a computer or other electronic equipment. A laptop computer is required. Textbooks are available at ShopUSask.

Transfer to a Degree

For those who may want to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the future, all three of the courses in this program are fully transferrable to the Edwards MBA program at the University of Saskatchewan. To learn more, please contact the Edwards Graduate Programs Office.

Ready to Study With Us?

If you would like more information about the Graduate Certificate in Leadership, please contact us:

Graduate Programs Office
Edwards School of Business
University of Saskatchewan
25 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A7

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