Alumni Ryssa Alarcon's (B.Comm. 2020) Business, The R Lifestyle Co. is Empowering Women through Beauty and Wellness

I am selling beauty and wellness products and candles but it's more of a lifestyle brand. Its not just all about selling body oil or body butter, its a whole brand in and of itself for women empowerment.

Carlee Snow

The R lifestyle co., founded by Ryssa Alarcon (Edwards B.Comm ‘20), is a beauty & wellness company focused on giving back to women-centred charities in Saskatchewan. The company also uses its channels to feature real stories of girls and women’s journey to self-love, overcoming challenges, and achieving success in their own definitions to inspire one another. It’s a brand rooted in women empowerment.

Some of the products that the R lifestyle co. offers include body butter, body scrub, lip balm, candles, and more. They are currently available in three different locations: Universal Church Supplies, PEAK Climb + HIIT, and Aligned Chiro & Wellness. Products will soon be available in PYT Studios, a salon & esthetics studio located downtown!

Here are some of the charitable initiatives that the R lifestyle co. has led or participated in so far:

Organized a holiday charity drive for the Friendship Inn & Crystal’s Gift

Participated in YXE Women’s Week for the Saskatoon Interval House (happening again this week from March 7 - 13!)

Participated in Catherine’s Cause Auction raise funds for Regina NICU

Featured Indigenous entrepreneurs & businesses for Indigenous History Month

If you would like to get involved with the R lifestyle co., whether as a content writer, a presenter, or as a retailer/reseller, please email

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