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New graduate certificate in leadership offered at the Edwards School of Business

Natasha Katchuk

A new graduate level program at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan will support current and emerging professionals from all backgrounds who want to elevate their careers and become more effective leaders.

"The Graduate Certificate in Leadership will prepare students to understand the complex interplay between business and society and be effective contributors to team performance," said Dr. Keith Willoughby (PhD), Dean, Edwards School of Business. "The courses, which are part of the MBA curriculum, will immerse students alongside the MBA students creating a diverse classroom environment."

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL) is a three-course program that focuses on contemporary leadership issues to have an impact in formal and informal leadership roles.

The three featured courses are Business and Society, Leadership and Organizational Dynamics, Essential Management Skills, and a Leadership Seminar. The seminar provides a cohort experience for students and addresses topics that are relevant to their success going forward. It also provides a chance to reflect on knowledge and experiences gained from the previous three courses.

To facilitate the involvement of working professionals, the program can be completed in as little as four or nine months. Classes are conveniently scheduled in the late afternoons and there is one full-day Saturday course.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply before the May 31, 2022, deadline for a September 2022 start.

“As an added bonus for GCL graduates,” said Dean Dr. Keith Willoughby. "Is that all three courses in the certificate program are fully transferrable as credits to the Edwards MBA program."

For those interested in furthering their knowledge and making an impact through leadership, Willoughby encourages employers and individuals to consider the Graduate Certificate in Leadership offered by the Edwards School of Business.

More information about the GCL can be accessed via the Edwards website.

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