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AGT Food's Murad Al-Katib headlines 2023 Dean's Speaker Series

Aiden Ryde

The Edwards School of Business Dean’s Speaker Series showcases inspiring alumni from around the world for students, staff, and alumni. Armed with knowledge and practical experience, thousands of our hardworking alumni continue to make stellar impact on our communities.  

This fall, the Dean’s Speaker Series took place in Saskatoon at the Edwards School of Business, in addition to a livestream for those who were not in the area. Murad Al-Katib (B.Comm. 1994) was the 2023 featured guest speaker. 

Al-Katib is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. AGT Foods is one of the largest suppliers of value-added pulses, staple foods and food ingredients in the world. Al-Katib became inspired by the untapped potential of the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan. 

AGT Foods is a “global, billion-dollar value added plant-based protein company that is feeding the world today.”  What started as one manufacturing plant in Regina, has now accumulated to 46 manufacturing facilities in. Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. The company currently employs over 2000 full-time staff and is actively exporting to over 120 countries. 

Al-Katib shared the history of his professional career and how he has developed to be an entrepreneur. From small town Saskatchewan, Al-Katib was born and raised by Turkish Immigrant parents in Davidson. After graduating from Edwards, he began his career in the public service with the Government of Canada, and then was the founding director of the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). He is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, working to expand female, youth, and First Nations participation in business startups and is a truly esteemed Canadian and global business leader. 

As the President and CEO of AGT Foods, Al-Katib has had the opportunity to engage in and encourage entrepreneurial endeavours.  When discussing entrepreneurism, Al-Katib described it as “a solution to many of the world's problems.” He spoke about the concept of compassionate entrepreneurism, and how the use of investments in private enterprises can serve to solve today’s societal problems.  

“Thank you for showing us what it means to have both conviction and compassion in entrepreneurship,” said Edwards School of Business Dean Dr. Keith Willoughby (PhD). “As an advocate for social change, your vision and innovation have propelled you to become not just a Saskatchewan success story but a global entity that is helping to feed the world.” 

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