Being Authentic and Doing What You Want, Not What is Expected of You

On this episode of The After Business School Special, host Carlee Snow is joined by Ryssa Alarcon to discuss the pressures of being a young professional, doing things you feel like you should do based on what seems right rather than because you’re actually passionate about it (like an MBA), how LinkedIn plays a huge part in professional decisions, and so much more.

Ryssa has her Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing from the Edwards School of Business and is currently pursuing her MBA at Georgia Southwestern State University set to graduate in 2023.

She is the Marketing Manager on the Senior Management Team at the Saskatoon Co-operative Association where she brings a wealth of marketing knowledge for working in a diverse variety of industries. On top of this work, Ryssa owns a local beauty & wellness company, the R lifestyle co., focused on giving back to women-centered charities in Saskatchewan. Dubbed her passion project, the initiative has recently undergone a shift in mission to focus solely on non-profit support and empowered storytelling.

She has been nominated for numerous awards for her work, receiving the "29 & Under" award in 2022 from the YWCA Saskatoon Women of Distinction Awards an organization she is now a co-chair of.



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