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Young entrepreneurs recognized at 16th annual Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series

Aiden Ryde

The Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards (GABWYEA) was introduced 5 years ago at the 12th annual Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series. Gord and Maureen Haddock introduced the idea to support and encourage young entrepreneurs across the province.  

The GABWYEA started out with a focus on exposing entrepreneurship to youngsters aged 7-15. It was later decided to add a category for those aged 16-18 and an award for business clubs, classrooms, or associations to honour individuals who work with youngsters to develop a business. Today, entries have been sent in from over 23 locations across Saskatchewan. Although the age range has changed, the application process remains the same. 

Young entrepreneurs from across Saskatchewan, aged 7 to 18 with an existing business are encouraged to enter for the chance to win a cash prize, courtesy of Gord and Maureen Haddock. The applicants are required to submit a short 1-to-2-minute video summarizing what they make, do, or sell and how long they have been in business, along with a basic profit and loss summary. 

Several winners from the past five Get a Bigger Wagon Awards have gone on to have remarkable success with their businesses. One of the very first winners of the GABWYEA, Judah Tyreman, who runs The Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum in Radisson Sk., is still successfully running his business five years later. One of the winners from last year, Carson Palmer, is starting as an Edwards student in fall 2023. Palmer has a sheep farm and has saved his earnings over the years to afford his tuition. 

In July 2022, Edward’s offered its first Edwards Entrepreneurship Exploration Summer Youth Camp. Sponsored by the Haddocks, this summer camp exposes youth aged 9 to 14 to the various areas of business. They then can use their newly developed skills and put them into action by participating in running a micro-business and displaying it to their peers on the last day of camp. 

One of this year’s winners of the Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards, Kenzie Pawlik attended the 2022 summer camp. She kept up with the business she created at the camp and continued to develop it. She then entered the GABWYEA competition and was awarded for her accomplishments. 

Looking back on five years of the GABWYEA, Gord and Maureen talk about the magic of exposing entrepreneurs of all ages to each other and how rewarding it is hearing from past recipients and entrants on what’s new in their lives. 

“We love the energy that is being created by celebrating entrepreneurship through the many initiatives at the Edwards School of Business,” said Gord and Maureen Haddock. “We look forward to celebrating the tenth year of GABWYEA’s in 2028!” 

The results of this year's Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards are as follows: 

Children aged 7 to 9 ($500.00): 

Brooke Martin 

Aberdeen, SK 

The Reel Fisher Girl 


Children aged 10 to 12 ($750.00): 

Ava Martin 

Aberdeen, SK 

The Awesome Toy Store 


Mary Kinder 

Davidson, SK 

Mary’s Beverages 


Youth aged 13 to 15 ($1,000.00): 

Thea Knitting 

Saskatoon, SK 

La Bella Gallina 


Kenzie Pawlik 

Saskatoon, SK 

Snickerdoodle Design 


Hannah Forster 

Humboldt, SK 

One of a Kind 


Youth aged 16 to 18 ($1,500.00): 

Kai Haubrich 

Swift Current, SK 

Haubie Yard Maintenance and Landscaping 


Ashlee Waldner 

Val Marie, SK 

Ashlee’s Cookies 


Sailing the Entrepreneur Ship ($1,500.00): 

Cindy Lowe 

Saskatchewan Business Teachers Association SBTA 


Thank you to Gordon and Maureen Haddock for making this event possible. 

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