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Get Ready

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) has many resources available to assist you with your transition to university. A printable version of the information included within this website is also available. 

*Please click here for Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates on applying for admission to direct-entry programs*

New to Edwards Brochure Academic Advising Syllabus

  • Accept Offer of Admission

    You can accept your Offer of Admission in the Admissions Channel in PAWS

    Detailed Acceptance Instructions 

    A few weeks after accepting your offer of admission, you will receive a welcome letter from Edwards. Prior to registration, you will receive a letter from Edwards that includes details on courses and how to register.

  • UStart and Orientation

    Once you have received an Offer of Admission, consider attending a UStart event to learn everything you need to know to register for courses.

    Sign up for UStart & Access Registration Resources 

    Attend Orientation to familiarize yourself with campus and meet other students.

    Save the Date for Orientation 

  • New to USask

    Visit the USask new students’ site prior to your arrival on campus. We encourage you to review the information available about sending final transcripts, choosing courses, purchasing textbooks, planning finances, health coverage and ordering your Student ID Card.

    Visit the Usask current students’ site as you transition into your university studies. Here, you can find a list of student services available to you, such as Student Central and the health, counselling, disability, learning and protective services available to USask students. 

International Students

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission to the B.Comm. program is competitive. A complete listing of admission requirements is available here.

  • International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC)
    ISSAC provides various supports to all new and continuing international students. Check out ISSAC for further details.
  • On-campus Housing
    Many international students choose to live in one of our safe and welcoming on-campus residences.
  • New to USask

    Visit the USask new students’ site prior to your arrival on campus. We encourage you to review the information available about sending final transcripts, choosing courses, purchasing textbooks, planning finances, health coverage and ordering your Student ID Card.

    Visit the USask current students’ site as you transition into your university studies. Here, you can find a list of student services available to you, such as Student Central and the health, counselling, disability, learning and protective services available to USask students. 

B.Comm. Requirements

The Bachelor of Commerce program is a 4-year program, provided you take ten classes per academic year. Some students choose to take fewer classes and take a bit longer to complete their studies. You will apply for a major in January of your second year; admission to majors is based on your cumulative average in the program to the end of Term 1 in your second year. 

B.Comm. Program Overview

  • Average Requirements

    If you attempt a minimum of 18 credit units (May-April) you are required to maintain a 60% yearly average to remain in good standing. If your yearly average is below 60% or if you fail 50% or more of the courses you attempt in a year, a Faculty Action will be placed on your record, and you may be required to discontinue your studies for one or more years, depending on the circumstances.

    You are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) degree once you have passed all required courses with a grade of 50% or higher and earned a cumulative, major and current year weighted average (May 1-April 30) of at least 60%.

    Academic Regulation Details 

  • Mid-terms, Assignments and Final Examinations

    If you miss a mid-term examination or an assignment, please contact your professor to make alternate arrangements.

    The final examination schedule (date, time and location) is made available approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of final exams in the Fall and Winter terms. The exams website also includes information about potential exam conflicts (two exams at the same time, three exams in a row, etc.).

    We will consider deferred exam requests for final exams based on medical or compassionate reasons supported with documentation. If you miss a final exam, you will need to speak with an Edwards Undergraduate Programs Advisor within three (3) days of the missed exam. If you miss a final exam due to travel and/or vacation plans you will not be approved for a deferred exam.

First Year at Edwards

As a new Edwards student, you probably have a lot of questions about how to create your schedule, register for classes, and pay your tuition and fees. We encourage you to review the information below to ensure that you are prepared to begin your studies. 

  • Create Schedule and Register

    We encourage you to review the course descriptions and pre-requisite requirements within the course and program catalogue to ensure you are planning your course selections appropriately. 

    Course and Program Catalogue 

    Once you decide on which courses you want to take you need to decide when you will take them. We normally recommend that you register for 6 credit units of 100-Level non-commerce electives in your first year. If you aren’t sure whether a course counts towards the social sciences/humanities requirement you may check the “Attributes” column when you search for course offerings, as the program type is listed there (i.e. Social Sciences Program Type, or Humanities Program Type). You may search the course offerings to see the dates and times each course is offered.

    Search for Classes 

    Print off a class schedule worksheet to keep track of the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs), days and times of each course offering. As an alternative you can also use the Plan Ahead function in PAWS.

    When registration opens, you will need to enter in each CRN to register for the appropriate course and section. 

    You may register for your courses through the Registration Channel in PAWS. 

  • Add or Drop Classes

    After registering for your classes, keep in mind that there are add/drop deadlines to allow you to make changes to your schedule if you need to. You may change your registration within PAWS in accordance with these deadlines.

    If you withdraw from a course prior to the withdrawal deadline there is no academic penalty, which means that a “W” will appear on your transcript and this will not affect your average.

  • Math Requirement

    As a new student at Edwards you are required to take MATH 121 in your first year. MATH 121 is a calculus course with a business and economics focus.

    All University of Saskatchewan students registered for MATH 121 are required to complete the Math Readiness Assessment (formerly Math Placement Test) to ensure you begin this course with the appropriate knowledge base to succeed.The MRA is a self-assessment tool designed to help students make the decision about which first-year calculus-stream course to register in.

    The Math Readiness Assessment covers a variety of topics ranging from simplifying fractions to trigonometry. It is not meant to be a test, rather a self-assessment. Students who have a good understanding of most topics but are looking to refresh their skills should consult the self-guided online Math Readiness Course or the recommended resources below. These materials are not meant to replace a comprehensive course in pre-calculus (e.g. MATH 102 or Precalculus 30).

    Click here to access the Math Readiness Assessment. This page is currently being redeveloped. Please ignore references to logins.

    Those students who cannot consistently get 60% of questions 1-11 and 14-26 correct (without a calculator or access to notes) are unlikely to thrive in MATH 121 (Mathematical Analysis for Business and Economics). Such students should take MATH 102 (Precalculus Mathematics) before taking MATH 121 (Mathematical Analysis for Business and Economics).

    Questions? Contact the Math Readiness Assessment Coordinator at mpt@math.usask.ca

  • COMM 119 Requirement

    As a new student to Edwards, you will be taking COMM 119 and its respective lab.  The lab has some requirements that you can find below.

    COMM 119 Lab Requirements

  • Tuition and Fees

    After registering for your courses, you will be able to check your Account Summary in the Tuition Channel in PAWS to see how much you owe in tuition and student fees. 

Edwards Services

Familiarize yourself with the Edwards Students' website, as this is where we share current information about our programs, services, upcoming events and deadlines. Here, you may access your PAWS, Blackboard and email accounts, book advising appointments and boardrooms, view your printing balance and RSVP to events. You may also use the Edwards app to access these services on your mobile device - download it today on Google Play or in the App Store.

Email is the official form of communication at USask and it is your responsibility to check this account regularly. Your email may be accessed via PAWS. We share important information with students through weekly newsletters, delivered on the following days:

    • Monday – Edwards Student and Faculty Services, Edwards Career Services, “The Latest”  including "My Career Update"
    • Monday – Edwards Business Students' Society

  • Student & Faculty Services Office

    Edwards, Room 185 (main floor, office wing) | Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-Noon; 12:30-4:30pm
    undergrad@edwards.usask.ca | 306-966-4785 | students.edwards.usask.ca

    The Student & Faculty Services Office is here to support you as you pursue your Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Edwards School of Business.

    If you need to find a classroom in the Edwards building there is a kiosk located on the first floor of Edwards, just outside of Career Services where you may access a map of Edwards. Click on “Find my Way” for maps of room locations within Edwards.

    Most times of the year, we can answer your questions during drop-in advising hours. During busy times of the year or for in-depth counseling, we encourage you to book an academic advising appointment online in PAWS, or through the Edwards app.

    Book an Academic Advising Appointment 

    Academic Advising Syllabus

  • Career Services

    Edwards, Room 141 (main floor, beside office wing) | Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-Noon; 12:30-4:30pm
    careers@edwards.usask.ca | 306-966-2586 | students.edwards.usask.ca/careers

    Edwards Career Services provides advice on resumes, interviews, job searches and career paths, exclusively for Edwards students. This office also manages the Co-op Program, which is an 8-month paid work term; applications open in the fall of your second year.

  • Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies

    Edwards, Room 185 (main floor, office wing)
    undergrad@edwards.usask.ca | 306-966-4785 | edwards.usask.ca/centres/hanlon

    Are you interested in studying abroad or pursuing international business classes and workshops? Stop by to talk about international study opportunities and available funding to attend international conferences, study abroad placements, summer school opportunities, and experiential learning initiatives. You can also inquire about the (Advanced) Global Business Stream options.

  • Technology Support Centre

    Edwards, Room 143 (main floor, classroom wing) | Monday - Friday: 8:30 – Noon; 12:30pm - 4:30pm
    support@edwards.usask.ca | 306-966-2590 | students.edwards.usask.ca/techoffice

    The Edwards School of Business Technology Support Centre provides technical support for your computing and audio visual needs. There are many computers available for you to use, located in rooms 43, 44, 49-55, 142, and the Moeller Resource Room. You may also purchase additional printing at this Centre. 

  • Rawlinson Centre for Aboriginal Business Students

    Edwards, Room 91 (lower floor, inside office wing) | Open Daily, Monday - Friday
    undergrad@edwards.usask.ca | 306-966-4785 | edwards.usask.ca/centres/rawlinson

    Through various Indigenous initiatives, Edwards strives to support our Indigenous business students. The Rawlinson Centre for Aboriginal Business Students is a place for you to meet and get to know each other. The room is equipped with study space, computer workstations and a boardroom. In addition to a place to meet with friends or work on course projects, the Rawlinson Centre has information on scholarships, tutoring and employment opportunities. There is also a small library with a range of community and educational resources. As of 2019-20 the Rawlinson Centre also hosts the Indigenous Business Students Society (IBSS) club office.

  • Faculty and Staff

    There are four departments within the Edwards School of Business, each managed by a Department Head including Accounting, Finance and Management Science, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Management and Marketing.

    Staff and Faculty Directory 

  • Study Spaces and Resources

    The Moeller Resource Room and Lounge, located at the top of the stairs on the 2nd level, has many tables to use for studying, as well as boardrooms for project work. This room also has audio-visual capabilities for presentations, and many electrical plugs located throughout so you may charge your laptops and other electronic devices. There is also a student lounge and eating area.

    Book a Boardroom Online 

    Students who are looking for help with math, finance, statistics or accounting courses may benefit from hiring a tutor. Tutor lists for these courses are available online or in hard copy outside Rm. 185 Edwards.

    Tutor List for Commerce Courses   Tutor List for Math Courses   U of S Hire a Tutor Registry 

Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved beyond the classroom, as this is a great way to enhance your experience at university!