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Research seeks to decode the complex world of finance and social dynamics

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Our faculty are extensively involved in partnerships for research, teaching and community engagement.  We forge mutually beneficial relationships with non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, corporations and public sector organizations and collaborate with researchers from around the world.

Research At Edwards: Building Nations Through Research

Edwards' scholars are transforming business practice, teaching and innovation through mobilizing research knowledge, thereby contributing to our mission of developing business professionals to build nations.

Our Research has Global Reach

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The faculty from the Edwards School of Business share their research across the world at conferences.

We're Tackling BIG Questions of Societal Importance

How do pictures communicate with and persuade people?

Barbara Phillips - Professor, Management & Marketing

How can corporations benefit their shareholders through good governance, innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices?

Dev Mishra - Professor, Finance & Management

How should a business in a cyclical industry invest?

Han-up Park - Assistant Professor, Accounting

How does income inequality affect organizations and societies? What are the factors that lead to optimal group performance?

Joseph Schmidt - Associate Professor, Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

How does family involvement affect a firm's corporate decisions? How do different forms of executive compensation affect corporate decisions?

Craig Wilson - Professor, Finance & Management

How do we fund national governments in the age of multinationals?

Devan Mescall - Assistant Professor, Accounting

What are the key factors and best practices for identifying, assessing, and developing high potential leaders?

David Kraichy - Assistant Professor, Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

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Dr. Marjorie Delbaere
Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Relations

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