Wanda Gonda retires

Keith Willoughby

Wanda Gonda

Recipe for administrative career brilliance: one-part pervasive work ethic combined with two portions of determined diligence. Sprinkle liberally with copious amounts of humour. Stir in exceptional teamwork skills. Add in a sweeping supply of poise and professionalism. Chill and serve.

This thoroughly demonstrates Wanda Gonda’s robust impact during her extensive career at the University of Saskatchewan. After nearly 20 years on campus, Wanda Gonda has decided to retire.

Wanda joined the Edwards School of Business - then the College of Commerce – in 2002. Her wonderful career began with supporting both the Accounting Department and the MPAcc program. In 2005, she moved to full-time support of the MPAcc program.

Besides her phenomenal contributions at the University of Saskatchewan, Wanda enjoyed considerable success in her agricultural industry career. Her ability to relish new opportunities, quickly adapt to fresh circumstances and demonstrate keen competencies remain her career hallmarks.

Over the past two decades, Wanda has worked with all graduate programs at Edwards, including the MBA, MSc Finance and MSc Marketing programs in addition to the MPAcc program. Since Fall 2020, Wanda has primarily supported both the MSc Finance and the MSc Marketing programs. 

During her career at Edwards, Wanda sagely supported countless graduate students throughout their programs of study. This involved reviewing their initial applications to scheduling their final thesis defenses.

Faculty, staff, and students were the fortunate recipients of Wanda’s grace and kindness. We wish Wanda and her family the very best in their next series of adventures!

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