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Sask expert predicts cheap oil here to stay

Marvin Romanow says the oil market is changing dramatically, and everyone, from consumers to oilfield companies, needs to adapt as quickly as they can.

Saskatoon buyer's dream or seller's nightmare?

Saskatoonians may be wondering whether right now is the right time to sell or buy in the city. Dean Daphne Taras was featured.

Like, um: Edwards rewards students for not using wasted words

Daphne Taras wants to put a stop to filler words. She came up created the Golden Tongue Award. The award is given to first year business students who can give a presentation for more than five minutes without using filler words or relying on a written script.

Gift-giving is wrapped in the complexity of relationships

The stress you might feel about giving gifts at Christmas is based on the complex web of relationships and societal norms we adhere to. Marjorie Delbaere has looked into some of the research behind gift-giving.

JDC West Team volunteers

On December 9th, a group of students from the Edwards School of Business JDC West business case competition team volunteered their time and warm smiles to make the Fourth Annual Festive Dinner fundraiser at the Friendship Inn a huge success!

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