Business Plan Request Submission Form

Thank you for submitting a request for Edwards School of Business students to write a comprehensive business plan with and for you as part of a class project. This is a free service, although some clients offer to cover some basic expenses, like out-of-Saskatoon travel costs students might incur to meet with you.

Submission Process

Start Request Form

(If you have already filled out one of the PDF forms, please submit the completed Submission Form by email to

Our Edwards Entrepreneurship Faculty team will screen the requests to ensure that they meet class requirements.

Business plan requests must be for new business ideas, business expansions, business succession plans and other planned activities for which a comprehensive business plan is required (consulting and home-based businesses usually don’t qualify).

A comprehensive business plan is one that includes all of (1) business planning research (including market research when possible), and an (2) operations, (3) human resources, (4) marketing, and (5) financial plan including five year financial projections.

We will let you know, normally by email, if your business plan request meets our criteria and has been added to the list of projects from which students can choose one. If it does not meet the criteria, we may ask you for more information.

Project Selection Process

Fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce students and MBA students write business plans according to the following schedule. Note the dates by which business plan requests are required to be eligible for the respective business plan writing term. Please also note the dates by which you will be notified if students have chosen your project and the date by which you can expect delivery of the completed plan if your project was chosen.

Business plan writing term Approx # of plans written Date by which your requests are required

Approximate date of notice to client if plan chosen by students

Completed plan delivery date
Sept-Dec 108 Sept 1st Sept 20th By Dec 31st
Jan-Apr 90 Jan 2nd Jan 20th By April 30th
May-Jun 36 May 1st May 10th By June 30th
Feb-Jun 30-40 Jun 20th Feb 20th By June 30th

If students choose your business plan request, they will contact you, send you a non-disclosure agreement for your protection, and arrange to meet with you to discuss the project expectations.

If your request was not chosen by students during a business plan writing term, we will contact you prior to the next business plan writing term to confirm whether you would like your project to be considered for that term.