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Study smart, study local

Natasha Katchuk

Today’s leaders and senior managers are working in an environment of constant change. Tight budgets, access to qualified human capital, return on investment, are all at play at any given time.

As departments compete for company resources, what should you focus on? The answer lies in adopting a strategic approach to employee training.

Research from the Conference Board of Canada indicates employee retention and development is an area where Canadian organizations struggle. A strategic approach to learning not only encourages innovation and inspires performance in an organization but also creates an opportunity for an engaged workforce.

“Research has shown that opportunities for development are positively correlated with employee engagement,” said Joe Schmidt, associate professor, and researcher. “The findings are important for employers and are an important consideration in career engagement strategies.”

Access to quality training doesn’t mean you have to travel far. Located in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, Edwards Executive Education will keep you connected to the business community. They provide a variety of training and professional development opportunities in addition to in-house customizable options for employers.

“Managers and senior leaders are seeking high quality and customized training for their employees,” added long-time consultant and Associate Professor, Vince Bruni-Bossio. “The idea is that the training has to make sense to their business and strategy.”

Adopting a strategic approach involves proactively assessing the needs and gaps of your employees and organization. It also demonstrates commitment to the long-term success of your employees which can in turn drive loyalty, engagement and innovation.

Edwards Executive Education helps organizations and individuals who want to gain knowledge and specialized skills by providing professional development opportunities in fun, fast-paced, and dynamic learning environment.

Whether you are looking to maximize your employee’s talents or increase productivity, career-relevant courses are available to give your organization a competitive advantage.

Last year, nearly 2,000 business professionals from 250 companies across Canada chose Edwards Executive Education for their professional training and development.

About Edwards Executive Education:
For almost 40 years, Edwards Executive Education has helped educate and train thousands of men and women representing hundreds of businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to develop personal and professional management and leadership competence.

Open-enrollment programs are available to all executives, managers or professionals wanting to gain knowledge through a fun, fast-paced and dynamic learning environment.

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